To:  Potential Educational Administration Certification Candidates

Thank you for inquiring about the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Educational Administration Certification program. The four prerequisites to candidacy include the following:

The Educational Administration Program

This program includes twenty-four credits (8 courses of varying credits) that will be offered on Saturdays and during the summer for a two-year period. Students will be limited to enrolling in a maximum of 6 UW-Platteville graduate credits during the summer and 9 UW-Platteville graduate credits during the spring/fall semesters. In order to be recommended for certification, the candidate must possess a master's degree, complete the twenty-four credit educational administration program, and upon completion of the program hold a professional educator license. Students needing to secure a Master of Science in Education (33 credits) can do so by completing an additional 9 specified credits (three three-credit courses) before, during, or after the 24-credit Educational Administration Certification Program.

Following is a schedule of when courses will be offered:

Module 1 SummerTCHG 7340 - Intro Seminar
Initial Setup of practicim
Introduction to portfolio
Module 2 FallTCHG 7360 - Student Learning - 4 credits
6 Saturdays total (1 from Summer)
Module 3 SpringTCHG 7350 - Relationships - 4 credits
6 Saturdays
First portfolio assessment of Admin Standard 1 (Ten teaching standards)
TCHG 7310 - 1 practicum credit for mid-program & midterm evaluation
Module 4 SummerTCHG 7370, Systems 1 -4 credits
12:30-5 (4 weeks)
Module 5 FallTCHG 7380 - Legal Aspects - 4 credits
6 Saturdays
Module 6 SpringTCHG 7390 - Systems 2 - 4credits
8am-5, 6 Saturdays
Final portfolio assessment - Admin standards two through seven
TCHG 7310 - 1 practicum credit for final evaluation
Total Credits24

Course Descriptions

TCHG 7340
This module serves as an introduction and overview of the entire Educational Administration Certification program.
TCHG 7350
This module addresses the following: personnel issues, classroom management, community relations, school climate, relationships with the district office, school board members, school culture, diversity issues, and management styles.
TCHG 7360
This module prepares prospective administrators to be instructional leaders in their schools and is built around the ten Wisconsin Teacher Standards.
TCHG 7370
This module provides prospective administrators an opportunity to manage effectively organizations, operations, and resources of a school system in order to ensure a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment.
TCHG 7380
This module assists participants in developing a working knowledge of the laws as it relates to the school administrator. Researching and resolving legal issues having an impact on school operations are the foundations of the course.
TCHG 7390
This module provides the candidates field experience and networking opportunities related to the management of school systems, such as budgeting and finance, personnel planning, policy use and development, and facilities use coordination.

Additional Cohort Information

Admission will be based on completion of the four prerequisites and attendance to the Wisconsin Leadership Academy (with an additional cost for registration). Candidates will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis.

The application process for the Educational Administration program will be handled exclusively through the School of Education. For all questions regarding the admission process, program calendar, or coursework, please contact David Chellevold, at or call 608-342-1065.

For MSE Students

For those students completing the Master of Science in Education program with certification, the courses TCHG #7000 Research Procedures, and TCHG #7830 Educational Research Paper or Project, are required.

Application to the School of Graduate Studies

Before taking any classes, a student must enroll as a graduate student with the School of Graduate Studies. The School of Graduate Studies website provides more information. Students not enrolled in the MSE program will enroll as "Special Students."

To apply for admission to the School of Graduate Studies, the applicant must:

  1. submit an application for admission
  2. pay the application processing fee
  3. have an official transcript sent from the institution where the bachelor's degree was earned to: School of Graduate Studies Office, 106 Brigham Hall, University of Wisconsin-Platteville, 1 University Plaza, Platteville, WI 53818-3099

Students may apply online by using the UW-System electronic application at

For more information about registration and records contact Linda Jamieson, School of Graduate Studies, at or call 608-342-1322.

Admission to Master‘s Candidacy Form (Word document)

Program Planning Form (Word document)