Early Childhood - Middle Childhood (B-11)

The programs in the School of Education build on the theme “Best Practices Make the Difference.” The University of Wisconsin-Platteville offers a comprehensive licensure for those wishing to pursue a career in early childhood-middle childhood (birth to age 11). This license prepares candidates to teach in infant, toddler and preschool programs, kindergartens and elementary grades up through grade six. The coursework also includes preparation for students who might choose administrative jobs in the private sector such as directors of children’s centers, Head Start programs, and family education programs. The School of Education also offers a minor in inclusion education (children with disabilities) that early childhood students often complete concurrently with the course of study for early childhood licensure.

Professional Block I is a block of 16 credit hours with an extensive field study of pre-student teaching. Students are all enrolled in the same five university course (PreK Methods of Cognitive Development; K4 Methods of Cognitive Development; Guidance and Assessment; Oral Language and Emergent Literacy; and Reading, Literacy, Literature I).

There are four main purposes for this field experience:

  • To assist children in the classroom by providing individual and small group instruction as assigned by the classroom teacher.
  • To assist classroom teachers by serving in the capacity of a teacher's aide to grade papers or complete copying and other tasks assigned by the classroom teacher.
  • To improve the quality of the teacher education program by providing students an opportunity to plan and teach whole group lessons with the assistance and evaluation of a classroom teacher.
  • To connect the practicum experience to university classes.

The pre-student teaching experience is typically completed in Mineral Point or Platteville elementary schools. Students are expected to be involved with the classroom each morning, Monday through Friday.

A meeting explaining the expectations is held at the end of each semester for students enrolled in the next upcoming semester.

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