Program Description
The Cross-Categorical Special Education Licensure Program provides advanced study to licensed teachers and to teachers eligible for a Wisconsin teaching license. It was developed according to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) Guidelines and the Council for Exceptional Children standards. Participants develop a portfolio through the course Teaching 7610. The portfolio provides a structured format for documenting competencies for certification in Cross-Categorical Special Education. Because the classes are competency-based, credits will vary according to the needs of each student.

WDPI License
Upon successful completion of all courses and having obtained a qualifying score on the Middle Level Praxis II Content Examination, teachers will be recommended to the WDPI for a Cross-Categorical License at the same developmental level as their general education license.

Cross-Categorical Content Standards
The program is closely aligned with the WDPI, and courses were developed to ensure that completers of the program would be proficient against the following content guidelines:
  1. Philosophical, Historical and Legal Foundations
  2. Characteristics of Learners
  3. Assessment, Diagnosis and Evaluation
  4. Instructional Content and Practice
  5. Planning and Managing the Teacher and Learning Environment
  6. Managing Student Behavior and Social Skills/Interactions
  7. Communication and Collaborative Practices
  8. Professional and Ethical Practices

Cross-Categorical Portfolio Handbook

Courses in the Cross-Categorical Licensure Program

Student Planning

Application Process

Faculty and Staff

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