Undergraduate/Graduate Portfolio Project Guidelines

Practicum Portfolio

Students will showcase their practicum portfolio during the Spring semester of the ELL Licensure Program.

Required sections of the Practicum Portfolio:
  1. Index Page with candidate’s name and licensure level
  2. Menu (Table of Contents)
  3. Philosophy of Education
  4. Autobiography
  5. Résumé
  6. Six artifacts that align with three (3) and only three ELL Standards. For each of the three standards, please include the minimum of 2 artifacts. Select, reflect, and align artifacts from your experience that best illustrate your post practicum-level proficiency in 3 of the 5 ELL Standards. (Do not address more or less than 3 Standards) Two (2) artifacts MUST come from pre-practicum teaching experiences. Select, reflect, and align the primary UW Platteville Knowledge, Skill and Dispositions in which you show post practicum-level proficiency. Explain the primary and list all secondary UWP KSDs by number and title in which you demonstrate post practicum-level proficiency.
  7. ELL Standards Alignment Chart
  8. UWP Knowledge, Skill and Disposition Alignment Chart
  9. Licensure Elements REQUIRED for Practicum
    • Verification of English proficiency, if candidate is non-native English Speaker
    • Transcripts of six credits in ELL related fields. Candidates may bring six credits from previously completed coursework that will be accepted as part of the ELL Licensure. (Grade must be C or higher)
    • Verification that candidate is certified preK-12 teacher in Wisconsin
    • Transcript with a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.75 or better
    • Completed application form and transcript to the School of Education.
    • Verification of passing ACCESS for ELLs. (A workshop is offered by the DPI each fall)
    • Current Transcripts (Highlight courses. Grade must be C or higher and Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.75 or above)
      1. Issues in ELL Education 4270 / 6270
      2. Second Language Acquisition (SLA) Theories 4280 / 6280
      3. Methods and Assessment of Teaching English Language Learners 4290 / 6290
      4. ELL Practicum 4310 / 6310
    • Classroom Observation Evaluations of ELL Practicum
    • Admission Portfolio Assessment Rubric

The completed and signed assessment instruments for each of the three levels of portfolio assessment should remain a part of the candidate's portfolio. It is the candidate's responsibility to be certain that the instruments remain a part of the portfolio as it proceeds throughout the stages of review to a final product presented as recommendation for licensure.