Undergraduate/Graduate Portfolio Project Guidelines

Portfolio Assessment FAQs

Practicum Portfolios and Licensure Portfolios MUST be electronic.
  1. Will an autobiography pass Practicum Portfolio and Licensure Portfolio if it passes Admission Portfolio?
    Yes, unless there are mechanical errors that are missed at Admission Portfolio. It is assumed that the autobiography will not change from Admission Portfolio to Practicum Portfolio to Licensure Portfolio.
  2. Which format is better for a philosophy statement? narrative or bulleted?
    Either is acceptable. Student should focus on a clear message with specificity and meaning.
  3. If a philosophy statement passes Admission Portfolio, will it pass Practicum Portfolio and Licensure Portfolio?
    Students are encouraged to “re-think” their philosophical understandings of education at each level. IF students rewrite (though, not required), each re write should be included in the portfolio and dated. Students are encouraged (though, not required) in Licensure Portfolio to either rewrite their philosophy or write a reflection of how it has changed since Admission Portfolio.
  4. What artifacts are appropriate?
    See What IS and IS NOT an Artifact?
  5. Does a descriptive paragraph without a photo or a document qualify as an artifact?
    No. See What IS and IS NOT an Artifact?
  6. Are artifacts that are pre-UWP acceptable in a Licensure Portfolio?
    Yes. Students are expected to evaluate the appropriateness of the artifact, the alignment, and the reflection for a Licensure Portfolio. Students are encouraged to select artifacts from their professional and college level work and experiences.
  7. Will evaluators assess appropriateness of the artifacts?
    Evaluators review appropriateness of artifacts in all standards. Artifacts need to directly relate to student’s licensure especially in Content and Development.
  8. Do students need to identify secondary alignments for ELL standards and UWP KSDs?
    Secondary alignments for the UWP KSDs must be listed in alignment statement AND on the alignment chart.
  9. Can artifacts in Admission Portfolio also be used in Practicum Portfolio?
    Yes. Students are encouraged to re-evaluate the appropriateness of the artifact and how the alignment and personal reflection differ in an Admission Portfolio and Practicum Portfolio. Evaluators expect students to be able to reflect more deeply in a Practicum Portfolio. Artifact may remain the same. Alignment and reflection will likely change. Admission Portfolio approval does not guarantee approval of Practicum Portfolio or Licensure Portfolio.
  10. Should there be artifact(s) from pre-Practicum in Practicum Portfolio?
    Students are required to submit 2 or more artifacts from pre-Practicum experiences and practica.
  11. Should there be artifact(s) from Practicum in Licensure Portfolio?
    Students are required to submit 2 or more artifacts from Practicum.
  12. What makes a good Artifact Reflection?
    1. Answers “Why” the artifact represents evidence of proficiency
    2. Aligns to the standard and may address all parts of the standard
    3. Demonstrates understanding of what the standard means
    4. Articulates how teachers think (principles, theories, tactics) rather than a summary of the activity
    5. Uses theories and vocabulary of educators
    6. Applies to student's professional growth as an educator
  13. May students write one alignment statement for ELL Standard and UWP KSD's that are identical—i.e. ELL-Content and UWP-Content and Pedagogy?
  14. If students include more than one artifact/reflection per standard, are students accountable for each?
    Yes. All artifacts and reflections under a Standard-regardless of how many-must align and meet the requirements for that Standard. The alignment and reflective statements may be written separately for each artifact or synthesized into one that addresses each artifact.
  15. How many errors (typos, grammar, spelling) are considered not acceptable?
  16. What errors should evaluators record to give guidance to students?
    Evaluators will record kinds of grammatical errors such as subject/verb agreement, but will not make note of each of these errors. Students should have 2-3 outside readers proofread the portfolio before it is submitted and before each time it is resubmitted.
  17. Are students expected to demonstrate proficiency in all of the 5 ELL Standards in the Licensure portfolio?
  18. How is proficiency determined on each of the 5 Standards?
    The following are the criteria:
    1. Quality of Personal Reflection Statement
    2. Quality of Alignment Reflection Statement
    3. Quality of Artifact Selection
    4. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling