Undergraduate/Graduate Portfolio Project Guidelines

Admission Portfolio

Admission Portfolio has to be completed by the end of the first Summer Session.

Required sections of the Admission Portfolio:
  1. Index Page with candidate’s name and licensure level
  2. Menu (Table of Contents)
  3. Philosophy of Education - Topics to address:
    1. Purpose of ELL education
    2. Role of the ELL student in the education process
    3. Role of the ELL teacher in education
    4. Role of the ELL teacher in the community
    5. Why you want to be an ELL teacher
    6. How does your philosophy align with historical and contemporary philosophies
    Note: All good writing includes introductory and concluding statements.
  4. Autobiography - consider addressing the following questions:
    1. Why did you decide to become an ELL teacher?
    2. What is it about teaching ELL teaching that attracts you to the profession?
    3. Who influenced your decision?
    4. What qualities did your most outstanding ELL teachers possess?
    5. What are some early experiences that influenced how you plan to teach ELLs?
    6. What are some central ideas about teaching and learning that guide you?
  5. TWO (2) and only 2 artifacts that align with 2 different ELL Standards as well as UW-Platteville Knowledge, Skills and Dispositions. The candidate should include artifacts that document any teaching, tutoring, coaching, travel or life experiences, etc relevant in teaching ELLs. The candidate may select ELL education artifacts that illustrate the extent to which ELL education experiences have developed them as a teacher candidate. The candidate must write thoughtful, complete, and clear reflections about his/her artifacts. The reflections should not only describe the artifact, but also should create a connection to professional competence and show a disposition for teaching.
  6. ELL Standards Alignment Chart
  7. UWP Knowledge, Skill and Disposition Alignment Chart
  8. Licensure Elements
The following are required for Admission to the ELL Licensure Program and required to be in Admission Portfolio
The completed and signed assessment instruments for each of the three levels of portfolio assessment (Admission, Practicum, and Licensure) should remain a part of the candidate’s portfolio. It is the candidate’s responsibility to be certain that the instruments remain a part of the portfolio as it proceeds throughout the stages of review to a final product presented as recommendation for licensure.