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Welcome to Dobson Hall

Dobson Hall, named after George R. Dobson and built in 1965, provides a living environment for men and women. Dobson is one of the larger residence halls on campus with approximately 320 residents and contains a music room that has a piano for student use. The hall is very active in hall and campus sponsored events. Each fall Dobson staff and residents host Trick or Treat, a safe Halloween event for the children and their families in the Platteville community. Over 300 families participate each year. During the spring semester, Dobson hosts Jail N Bail, an annual charity event, where students can "arrest" their friends and hall staff. The charities for the event are selected each year by the Dobson Hall Forum, the hall governance group. 

From the Desk of the Resident Director

Greetings Dobson Hall!
Can you believe that it si spring semester? This semester is already off to a roaring start and it is important that you are up to date on what’s in store for the month of February in Dobson Hall.

First off, room reservations for the 2015-2016 school year are beginning already on February 9th. Department of Residence Life Room Reservation process is now all online and you can reserve your space from the comforts of your own room! Please be sure to click here and fully familiarize yourself with this new process. If you are at all confused during this process, please feel free to consult your RA, SA or myself for guidance.

The on-line room sign-up process for UW-Platteville continuing students seeking a residence hall room space will be available on the following dates:
• Southwest Hall:  Currently available to students who have taken 60 or more university credits since they have graduated high school or are 21 years of age or older.
• February 9-11, 2015:  Same Room Sign Up, reserve your current space for the 2015-16 academic year.
• February 12-15, 2015: Students with 60 or more university credits taken since high school
• February 16-27, 2015:  Students with less than 60 university credits taken since high school

Please be aware that we are continuing to enforce the UW-System 2 year live-on requirement. This means that all current freshmen are required to register for housing for the 2014-2015 school year. Please also note that when registering for a room that you are signing a full year contract to live with us. After registering for a room, you may NOT cancel your housing contract for any reason.

For those interested in the Resident Assistant position for next school year, the process is well underway! We would like to thank all of those that took the time to apply and interview with us. Notifications of employment will be sent out Monday, February 9, 2014.

Dobson Hall has a very exciting February coming up! There are plenty of opportunities for a good time right here in the building!  Come down to Hall Forum and talk to your RA!

For an exciting event for charity: the McGregor Staff and Hall Council Executive Board has been busy preparing for the 11th Annual Duncan Diner. This is a traditional program in which the basement of McGregor Hall is transformed into a 50’s style diner. The evening’s menu includes hot dogs, milkshakes, and potato chips for the low price of a $1 donation. All proceeds from Duncan Diner will be donated to a charity of the hall’s choosing. We hope you will stop down and join the fun and be a part of something great!

The 2015 WURHA conference will be hosted on campus this year and if you are looking or needing volunteer hours contact Vince Milisauskas at or M Dietrich at

As always, please be sure to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Rebecca J. Groves M. S. Ed.
Dobson Hall Resident Director

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