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Welcome to Dobson Hall

Dobson Hall, named after George R. Dobson and built in 1965, provides a living environment for men and women. Dobson is one of the larger residence halls on campus with approximately 320 residents and contains a music room that has a piano for student use. The hall is very active in hall and campus sponsored events. Each fall Dobson staff and residents host Trick or Treat, a safe Halloween event for the children and their families in the Platteville community. Over 300 families participate each year. During the spring semester, Dobson hosts Jail N Bail, an annual charity event, where students can "arrest" their friends and hall staff. The charities for the event are selected each year by the Dobson Hall Forum, the hall governance group. 

From the Desk of the Resident Director

Greetings from Dobson Hall!

I hope you are having a great summer vacation and finding some time to relax. It is has been a very busy summer for us here on campus!  We are looking forwarding to have students back on campus and are busy preparing for your return or to welcome you. 

For those of you who will be new to Dobson this year, you’ve picked a great place to live.  With programs, activities, and opportunities to meet new people, there is a lot to look forward to as we open our doors for the 2014-2015 academic year.  For those of you who are returning to Dobson, welcome back and I hope you’re ready to help make Dobson a great place for yourselves as well as our new students. 

While Dobson Hall is often an upperclassmen residence hall, we will have many first year students in our hall and two wings are the WISTEM LLC and the Global Exploration LLC.  We offer many opportunities for you to learn, grow, and get involved no matter what your class standing is.   Dobson has many opportunities for programs right away once school starts. We will be hosting an opening program before classes even start with volleyball, board games and refreshments. Be sure to be on the lookout for signage for more information on this program during move in. Another way you will be able to get involved is Dobson Hall Forum which will meet weekly in the Dobson Hall Tikki Room.  Hall Forum is a great way for students to find out all of the news and happenings as well as voice opinions that are going on in Dobson Hall and UW-Platteville.  Dobson Hall Forum will also have fun activities that will give students the opportunity to get to know each other well. 

You may be asking yourself what is an LLC.  LLC is short for Living Learning Communities.  Dobson Hall is currently home to both WISTEM (year 1 & year 2) and the Global Exploration LLCs.  We had a great year last year hosting both groups and are excited for another year!  These communities have specific events, activities and support for the students who live in them.  To learn more about these communities click here.

Dobson Hall prides itself on being passionate about creating inclusive communities and constantly strives to ensure that every student feels safe and comfortable in their home here at UW-Platteville.  It is our goal that we can help students grow in their development both personally and academically.  If you have questions about how we are accomplishing this, please don’t hesitate to ask. We have gender neutral bathrooms in our basement for students and guests.  Dobson Hall is often the place many campus groups meet and you can reserve space for your group through the Senior Assistant.  There will be information posted on this during move in and throughout the year.

The experience that you’ll have in Dobson Hall is what you’ll make of it so I hope that you will challenge yourself to take advantage of all the opportunities that will be offered here.  For now, be sure to enjoy your summer and find some time to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather that is typical with summer. If you have any questions about life in Dobson Hall or the Residence Halls in general, feel free to contact myself or another member of our Residence Life team.  For announcements and updates on all things Dobson, please make sure to like our hall page on Facebook here

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Rebecca J. Groves M. S. Ed.
Dobson Hall Resident Director

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