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Welcome to Dobson Hall

Dobson Hall, named after George R. Dobson and built in 1965, provides a living environment for men and women. Dobson is one of the larger residence halls on campus with approximately 320 residents and contains a music room that has a piano for student use. The hall is very active in hall and campus sponsored events. Each fall Dobson staff and residents host Trick or Treat, a safe Halloween event for the children and their families in the Platteville community. Over 300 families participate each year. During the spring semester, Dobson hosts Jail N Bail, an annual charity event, where students can "arrest" their friends and hall staff. The charities for the event are selected each year by the Dobson Hall Forum, the hall governance group. 

From the Desk of the Resident Director

Fellow Dobsonites,

August is here and our newly renovated home for the 2015-2016 school year is finally nearly ready for move-in!

I hope you have enjoyed your summer vacation and found some time to relax. It has been quite a summer here on campus. The renovations of our 50 year old hall have kept the university staff very busy! Every day there is something new to talk about and Dobson looks newer, fresher and more exciting with each passing moment! I can’t wait till the renovation is complete and ready for everyone to move back in. Small preview: our hall looks fantastic with tons of new, modern amenities. Please watch your UW-Platteville email account for more information about move-in later in the coming weeks. 

For those of you who will be new to Dobson this year, you’ve picked a great place to live. With programs, activities, and opportunities to meet new people, there is a lot to look forward to as we open new doors for the 2015-2016 academic year. For those of you who are returning to Dobson, welcome back! I hope you’re ready to help make Dobson be a great place for yourself, as well as our new community members. Some of our community will be living in Learning Living Communities (LLC).

You may be asking yourself what is an LLC? These communities create specific events, activities and supports for students of Dobson. This year our home will be the host to three LLCs. Second Floor-West and Second Floor-East will be home to the Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (WISTEM) LLC, and fourth floor south will be home to the Criminal Justice (CJ) LLC. First Floor-West will be home to the Global Experience, a community of students focusing on international issues, cultures, and traditions. Finally, First Floor-South will be home to the Sustainability LLC, a community of students focused on protecting the environment and promoting environmental issues here on campus. Look for some wonderful opportunities to engage with these communities in the upcoming months. To learn more click here.

Another way you will be able to get involved around our home is the Dobson Hall Forum which will meet weekly in the new Multipurpose Room in the West basement. Hall Forum is a great way for students to find out all of the news and happenings around Dobson and our greater campus community. If being a voice for your peers in Dobson and the campus as a whole sounds appealing, this is the opportunity for you!  Dobson Hall Forum will have fun events that will give everyone the opportunity to make friends.

Dobson Hall prides itself on being passionate about creating inclusive communities and constantly strives to ensure that every student feels safe and comfortable in our home. It is the goal of the Department of Residence Life to create a supportive environment to help students grow both personally and academically. As your Resident Director I hold that responsibility in the highest regard! If you have questions about how we are accomplishing this, please don’t hesitate to ask me. We have all-gender bathrooms in our basement for students and guests. We also offer private shower and changing stalls for anyone to use, in addition to private and/or accessible bathrooms inside the larger community bathrooms. These are just two of the new features included in the building renovations.

Besides myself, another resource you have access to is Dobson Hall’s newly minted Senior Assistant Zach Ferree. Zach is responsible for assisting me in supervising the Resident Assistants as well as the day-to-day operations of our home. To that end, new this year, Dobson has some fresh spaces open for reservation by any university sponsored group. Any group who would like to reserve these spaces during the academic year please contact SA Zach. There will be more information posted during move-in and throughout the year.

My hope is the experiences that you will create at Dobson Hall are what you will make of it. So, I implore you to challenge yourself to take advantage of all the opportunities that will be offered. If you have any questions about life in Dobson Hall or the residence halls in general, feel free to contact myself or another member of our Residence Life team. As you can tell from the length of this message, there is a lot of new and exciting things happening at Dobson Hall. My goal is to make Dobson a place you are all proud to call home. For announcements and updates on all things Dobson, please make sure to like our hall page on Facebook here!

I’m so excited for this upcoming year and can’t wait to see everyone. Enjoy the last few weeks of your summer!

Rebecca J. Groves M. S. Ed.
Dobson Hall Resident Director

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