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Welcome to Dobson Hall

Dobson Hall, named after George R. Dobson and built in 1965, provides a living environment for men and women. Dobson is one of the larger residence halls on campus with approximately 320 residents and contains a music room that has a piano for student use. The hall is very active in hall and campus sponsored events. Each fall Dobson staff and residents host Trick or Treat, a safe Halloween event for the children and their families in the Platteville community. Over 300 families participate each year. During the spring semester, Dobson hosts Jail N Bail, an annual charity event, where students can "arrest" their friends and hall staff. The charities for the event are selected each year by the Dobson Hall Forum, the hall governance group. 

From the Desk of the Resident Director

Hello Dobson!

The semester has begun and you have a whole week under your belts already! If you looking for some fun and exciting things to during the weekends check out our Facebook page and all the weekend events that are posted. Additionally every Friday night is accompanied by a Friday Night Club event. The September FNC’s are Porter’s Apple Fest (9/5), Brockert’s Lumberjack Breakfast (9/12), Melcher’s Night of Ice (9/19), and Porter’s Dodgeball (9/26). Saturday’s we are working on an event in hall, but check out CPR events as well. 

Homecoming happens from October 5th to October 11th this year, and the overall theme is "UW-Platteville Goes To Hollywood."  Each year Dobson participates as a co-ed team for all events.  This year we are excited to be hosting/sponsoring the Tug-of-War event and may need your help to make the event successful!   If you want to get involved be sure to check your email, come down to Hall Forum and listen for hall announcements - its great fun and a wonderful chance to meet fellow Pioneers! 

If you are looking for other ways to get involved within Dobson Hall, stop by Hall Forum on Wednesday Sept. 10th and ask your RA.  Every hall on campus has their own Hall Forum which is a great resource for bringing residents together, working towards improving the hall, and building leadership skills within the participants.  The money to support this and all programing done in the hall is through your Activity Membership, please consider paying the $15 for the year to get one now and support all the great events Dobson has to offer.  Dobson Hall Forum has been completely re-invented this year and is looking for new membership. Please consider joining this worthwhile organization.

I hope that you are getting to know your wing/building mates and that you are enjoying your first month of college. Please feel free to stop in and say to me in my office!

Have a great September, Pioneers!

Rebecca J. Groves M. S. Ed.
Dobson Hall Resident Director

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