Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Human Diversity home page.

Human Diversity encompasses the processes within The University of Wisconsin-Platteville that purposefully values differences for the ultimate purpose of promoting the learning, critical thinking, and personal enrichment of students, faculty and staff. It aims to build a welcoming campus community for all its students, faculty and staff.

Human Diversity recognizes diversity in thought, learning, and personal characteristics that can be tapped and understood in the working, living, and learning environments of the University. Human Diversity enables us to engage in civil conversation with those who hold views that differ from our own; to engage in civil debate on key issues with others who hold different views and positions; and to socialize with persons who have had differing lived experiences. Also in class, clinical and field experience settings, Human Diversity is addressed trough ample opportunities to learn about diverse cultures locally and globally. Human Diversity includes university protocols and policies for the admission and graduation of diverse students from racial and ethnic backgrounds, social backgrounds, and for the hiring and retention of faculty, administrators and staff with diverse experiences and perspectives.

Through Human Diversity experiences students can develop knowledge and personal abilities that may enhance their critical thinking, and learning, and better enable them to meaningfully contribute to society as graduates of The University of Wisconsin-Platteville. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please e-mail us below. Feel free to browse our page and leave comments.

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