Student Spotlights

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Brenda Oftedahl   Brenda Oftedahl
   Graduation: 2016
Jeanne Beckley   Jeanne Beckley
   Graduation: 2005
Doug Nofsinger   Doug Nofsinger
 Louis Sage  Louis Sage
   Graduation: 2016

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Alicia Paske   Emily Hamstra
Joel Galvan   Joel Galvan
Shaina Hyman   Shaina Hyman
   Graduation: 2015
Kate Kanaley   Kate Kanaley
   Graduation: 2012

Master of Science in Criminal Justice

Jason King   Jason King
   Graduation: 2017
Joe Roy   Joe Roy
   Graduation: 2016
Laura Clark   Vendarryl Jenkins
Jordan Zarka   Jordan Zarka
   Graduation: 2016

Master of Science in Distance Education Leadership

 Lori Wedig  Lori Wedig
   Graduation: 2015
Linda Moser   Linda Moser
   Graduation: 2015

Master of Science in Engineering

Cleveland Daniels   Cleveland Daniels
   Graduation: 2016
Chris Wesloski   Chris Wesloski
   Graduation: 2015
Ryan Vickerman   Ryan Vickerman
   Graduation: 2014
Nirav Hazariwala   Justin Davidson

Master of Science in Integrated Supply Chain Management

Abir Chakraborty   Abir Chakraborty
   Graduation: 2014
Ahmed Sakr   Ahmed Sakr
   Graduation: 2018
 Ndri Mousso  Kelvin Akehurst
   Graduation: 2017
   James RubockiJames Rubocki
   Graduation: 2018

Master of Science in Organizational Change Leadership

Jayson Johnson   Jayson Johnson
   Graduation: 2016
CrystalRose Heinz   CrystalRose Heinz
   Graduation: 2015
 Tim Garczynski  Tim Garczynski
   Graduation: 2015
   Buck RobertsonBuck Robertson

Master of Science in Project Management

Susan Williams   Susan Williams
Anthony Chavez   Anthony Chavez
   Graduation: 2011
 Tara Mitchell  Tara Mitchell
   John BriesemeisterJohn Briesemeister

NSF STEM scholars

Autumn Fisher   Autumn Fisher
   Graduation: 2017
   Esteban ValderramaEsteban Valderrama
   Graduation: 2016
 Marc Meono  Marc Meono
   Graduation: 2017
   Joanna PaykelJoanna Paykel
   Graduation: 2017


UW-Platteville has a proud tradition of serving active duty personnel, military veterans, and their families, and Distance Education has allowed these men and women to pursue their education no matter where the call of duty takes them. Meet some of our student veterans.

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