Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board was established to ensure that we continue to provide high quality service. The volunteer board, with representatives from each of our programs, meets via teleconference three times during the academic year.

The group discusses topics submitted by members, students, and Distance Learning Center staff. The feedback assists the DLC staff when changes are being considered. SAB representatives occasionally poll their classmates through the online discussion board to solicit additional input. If this opportunity is ever available to you, please help us out by responding to your classmate’s request.

If you would like to serve on this volunteer advisory board, or have any questions, please feel free to contact Dan Avenarius, Director, Distance Learning Center, at 800.362.5460 or

2015-2016 Student Advisory Board Members:

  • Kelsey Adams, MSOCL - Iowa
  • Jacqueline Berefsky, MSCJ - Minnesota
  • Joshua Bort, MSENGRG - Wisconsin
  • Justin Davidson, MSENGRG - Wisconsin
  • Lisa Gotzinger, BSAD - Wisconsin
  • Nicholas Huff, MSPM - Iowa
  • Keith Hughes, BSAD (Print) - Wisconsin
  • Joseph Lepisto, MSENGRG - California
  • Emily McGlaughlin, MSPM
  • Wayne Miller, MSPM - Wisconsin
  • Karen Nguyen, MSPM - California
  • Susan Williams, MSPM - Minnesota
  • Sheree Yates, MSOCL - Illinois
  • Charles Young, MSCJ - Wisconsin

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