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Course Number: BUSADMIN 3120
Course Name: Retailing (Online)
Course Description:    A study of various types of retail institutions and their characteristics. The many kinds of retail ownership options, strategy mixes, locations, organizational formats, merchandise and inventory management techniques, and promotional policies are compared and evaluated. Cases reflecting a global perspective are included.
Prerequisites:    BUSADMIN 2630 or AGINDUS 2430
Level: Undergraduate
Credits: 3
Format: Online  (This course is also offered in print.)
Program: BS in Business Administration
BS in Criminal Justice

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NOTE: The information below is representative of the course and is subject to change.  The specific details of the course will be available in the Desire2Learn course instance for the course in which a student registers.

Additional Information

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify customer needs and how to satisfy those needs.
  • Identify, describe, and differentiate between retail institutions.
  • Understand retail strategy and how it applies to various retail institutions.
  • Acquire an understanding about the behavior of the ultimate consumer.
  • Understand the role of research in the world of retailing.
  • Design a trading area as well as complete a site analysis for a retail institution.
  • Understand the organizational structure of the retail firm.
  • Develop and understand the components of a retail merchandise plan.
  • Understand the basic principles of merchandise management in the retail institution.
  • Develop a plan for a communications mix for a retail store and understand the role of communications in the retail world.
  • Apply price theory to a retail situation.
  • Understand the control of retail merchandise and how it impacts retail activities.
  • Identify the unique characteristics of service retailing.
  • Understand how to integrate and control a retail strategy.
  • Develop an awareness of the international dimensions of retailing.

Unit Descriptions
The course is organized into four units. Each unit is supported by one or more units for this body of knowledge.

Unit 1:
An overview of strategic retail management

Unit 2:
The target market, information gathering and processing, and trading area analysis

Unit 3:
Site selection, retail organization and HR management, operations management, merchandise plans

Unit 4:
Financial merchandise management, pricing, retail image, promotional strategy, communication with the customer

Exams:  There are 4 exams for this course.
Assignments:  There are 16 individual assignments.
Group Assignments:  There are 4 group projects for this course.

Grading Information
The breakdown of points is as follows:

Individual Activities 300 points
Four Exams @ 100 points 400 points
Group Activities 250 points

Grading Scale         
Total Points 950         

A 92-100% 869-950
A- 89-91% 841-868
B+ 86-88% 812-840
B 83-85% 784-811
B- 80-82% 755-783
C+ 77-79% 727-754
C 72-76% 679-726
C- 70-71% 660-678
D+ 68-69% 641-659
D 60-67% 570-640
F less than 60% less than 570


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