Police Administration

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Course Number: CRIMLJUS 3330
Course Name: Police Administration (Online)
Course Description:    Principles of police administration and organization; detailed analysis of police administration such as budgeting, personnel management, implementation of programs toward fulfillment of objectives and decision making.
Prerequisites:    CRIMLJUS 2130 with a "C-" or better and junior standing
Level: Undergraduate
Credits: 3
Format: Online
Program: BS in Business Administration
BS in Criminal Justice

Registration Instructions

NOTE: The information below is representative of the course and is subject to change.  The specific details of the course will be available in the Desire2Learn course instance for the course in which a student registers.

Additional Information

Learning Outcomes
Not available at this time.

Unit Descriptions
Lesson 1: The Evolution of American Policing
Lesson 2: Community Policing
Lesson 3: External Influences and Controls
Lesson 4: Concepts of Police Organizational Design
Lesson 5: Leadership
Lesson 6: Human Resources Management
Lesson 7: Labor Relations
Lesson 8: Legal Aspects of Police Administration

Grading Information

Chapter Quizzes                        320 points             
Discussion Questions                  75 points             
Discussion Board Participation  100 points             
Research Paper                          100 points

Examinations                             200 points

A         95-100%
A-        90-94%
B+       86-89%
B         83-85%
B-        80-82%
C+       76-79%
C         73-75%
C-        70-72%
D+       66-69%
D         60-65%
F          less than 60%

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