MS Project Management Faculty

UW-Platteville employs faculty members with advanced degrees who bring significant professional experience to the classroom. Many faculty members present regularly at professional events and academic conferences around North America and abroad. In addition to online teaching, several of our faculty members have substantial experience as online students, and understand the challenges of being a student and working adult.

Name Department
Achia, William ISCM
Barnet, Barbara ENGRG
Bateh, Justin ISCM
Belling, Shawn D. PROJMGT
Brooke, Wendy BUSADMIN
Bucero, Alfonso PROJMGT
Carothers, Todd PROJMGT
Collings, Tom PROJMGT
Dorle, Jeanne PROJMGT
Gavin, Melissa COMMNCTN
Gunser, Roxane BUSADMIN
Hammermeister, John ACCT
Hamilton Jr., Gary PROJMGT
Hamilton, Sally PROJMGT
Harris, Kurt PROJMGT
Hartman, James E. PROJMGT
Hefel, Machelle BUSADMIN
Hollingsworth, Les BUSADMIN
Karsten, Marge BUSADMIN
Krueger, George BUSADMIN
Lenzi, Mary PHLSPHY
Levin, Ginger PROJMGT
Lucas, Elizabeth E. OCL
Marr, Marvee BUSADMIN
McKenna, David G. PROJMGT
Merrill, Mary BUSADMIN
Pulvermacher, Doris ENG
Sandberg, T.A. PHLSPHY
Storlie, Christine BUSADMIN
Tuescher, Francesca BUSADMIN
Walker Waite, C.J. PROJMGT
Wang, Jinghua BUSADMIN
Watson, George PROJMGT
Woldt, Jason BUSADMIN
Wright, Scott C. PROJMGT
Zwanziger Elsinger, Summer BUSADMIN


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