Karsten, Marge

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Marge Karsten

Contact Information:

1119 Ullsvik Hall
Telephone: 608.342.1749
Fax: 608.342.1466
E-mail: karsten@uwplatt.edu

Educational Background

  • Master of Business Administration, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Bachelor of Arts, Winona State University

Professional Experience
Karsten is a professor of management and human resource management in the Department of Business and Accounting at UW-Platteville, where she has taught on campus and at a distance since 1981. From 1999-2004, Karsten was Chair of the Department of Business and Accounting and coordinated the undergraduate print business administration program at a distance. She also served as online coordinator of the distance program in business for two years and was Director of the Extended Degree Program in Business Administration in 1998-99.

Her publications include four books dealing with topics related to management, gender, and race; case studies dealing with compensation and performance appraisal; and articles about corporate downsizing in rural areas, career paths of executive women, and the effect of the Americans with Disabilities Act on job evaluation. She has written, for inclusion in reference books, biographical sketches of selected women in business and government and a summary of women's progress as managers in major United States corporations.

Karsten edited a three-volume set titled "Gender, Race, and Ethnicity in the Workforce," published by Greenwood in 2006 under the Praeger imprint. University Press of America published her most recent text, "Management, Gender, and Race in the 21st Century," in late 2005.

She has given several actual and virtual presentations related to teaching and learning at a distance to the conference of the Wisconsin chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management, Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning, and Teaching On-line in Higher Education On-line International Conference. A paper she co-authored, titled "Teaching Human Resource Management: Why a Framework is Useful," was presented at the American Business Administration Conference in Poland.

Currently, Karsten is a member of the Academy of Management and the Society for Human Resource Management. She also is a member of the honorary society Phi Kappa Phi.

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