Financial Accounting

Course Number: ACCTING 2010
Course Name: Financial Accounting (Online)
Course Description:    Introduction to accounting concepts and procedures including the accounting cycle, assets, liabilities, and financial statements. Develops the ability to use accounting information for decision making.
Prerequisites:    None
Level: Undergraduate
Credits: 3
Format: Online  (This course is also offered in print.)
Program: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Registration Instructions

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Additional Information

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how financial accounting information is used to help make decisions.
  • Describe the content and purpose of each of the financial statements, and discuss the users and uses of financial information.
  • Understand and use the basic accounting equation, and the rules of debit and credit.
  • Understand generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Use ratios and other tools to analyze companies.
  • Use the accounting information system, including preparing journal entries, adjusting entries, and closing entries.
  • Account for assets and current liabilities.
  • Apply the basic assumptions and principles of financial accounting.
  • Understand the importance of cash flow to a business and prepare a statement of cash flows.

Unit Descriptions

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • Unit 2: Merchandising Operations and Inventory
  • Unit 3: Cash, Receivables, and Long-Lived Assets
  • Unit 4: Equity and Cash Flows

Grading Information

The breakdown of points is as follows:

Exams* (2 @ 150 pts. each) 300 points
Final Project 20 points
Class Discussions 60 points
Group Collaborations (3 @ 15 pts. each) 60 points
Written Assignments (12 @ 10 pts. each) 60 points
Quizzes (4 @ 25 pts. each) 100 points
Total: 600 points

*This course has proctored exams.   If you do not have a proctor on file with the Distance Learning Center, you must submit a proctor nomination form at the time you register for this course.  For proctor information visit our website.

Grading Scale:
A 91% - 100%
A- 89% - 90%
B+ 87% - 88%
B 81% - 86%
B- 79% - 80%
C+ 77% - 78%
C 71% - 76%
C- 69% - 70%
D+ 67% - 68%
D 60% - 66%
F 0% - 59%


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