Employee Recruitment and Selection

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Course Number: BUSADMIN 6200
Course Name: Employee Recruitment and Selection (Online)
Course Description:    This course provides students with an understanding of these two critical processes in a variety of organizational settings. Throughout the course, students acquire and then demonstrate a knowledge base in each of these areas by completing various projects. At the end of the course, students are prepared to conduct efficient and effective recruiting and selection programs within the human resources department of organizations.
Prerequisites:    BUSADMIN 5030 or consent of instructor or department chair
Level: Graduate
Credits: 3
Format: Online

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Additional Information

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to do the following:

  • Understand the concept of the person-job match and facilitate its optimization in the staffing process.
  • Coordinate effective staffing planning.
  • Analyze measurement statistical data in order to evaluate job applicant assessment results.
  • Design effective recruiting strategies.
  • Perform recruiting activities successfully.
  • Prepare a selection plan for an open position.
  • Analyze potential assessment methods for open positions and recommend optimal methods.
  • Evaluate job applicants' assessment data, select the best-qualified applicant, and justify that decision.
  • Understand the federal legal requirements regarding staffing processes and decisions.
  • Analyze staffing data for an organization and recommend improvements to the staffing system based on that analysis.
  • Evaluate an organization’s turnover and retention data and prepare a retention-initiative plan.

Unit Descriptions

Unit 1
Unit 1 presents a definition of several key concepts regarding the organizational staffing process. The unit also explores the importance of human resource planning in making staffing decisions and discusses the implications of economic conditions and the legal environment on staffing. The unit concludes with a review of job classifications and job analysis methods.

Unit 2
Unit 2 covers external and internal organizational recruitment activities and discusses the various options available in these areas. Statistical measurement concepts are also discussed.

Unit 3
Unit 3 presents information and options on selection procedures. Methods of screening applicants based on the data provided from resumes, application forms, tests, reference checks, and other selection tools are discussed.

Unit 4
Unit 4 discusses how staffing professionals select the best candidates for a position. The legalities of job offers and employment contracts are also presented.

Unit 5
Unit 5 presents information on the administration and evaluation of staffing systems. It concludes with coverage of topics critical to staffing professionals—employee turnover and retention management.

Grading Information

Your final grade will be based on total points accumulated from unit learning activities, discussions, and the graduate project. The total number of points possible for the course is 545 (410 points for learning activities, 60 for discussions, 75 for the graduate project). The grade scale is as follows:

A = 90–100% of 545 points—a minimum of 491 points
B = 80–89% of 545 points—a minimum of 436 points
C = 70–79% of 545 points—a minimum of 382 points
D = 60–69% of 545 points—a minimum of 327 points
F = 0–59% of 545 points

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