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Welcome to the distance education alumni site! As a distance education graduate (Master of Science in Criminal Justice – 2006) and Director of the Distance Learning Center, I know the importance of staying connected with UW-Platteville’s online and on-campus community. We’d like to stay connected with you too, so we can continue to share exciting news from the Distance Learning Center and UW-Platteville. So please visit our alumni site often. Let us know how we can continue to serve you as alums. And, most importantly, keep in touch! We want to know what’s happening in your life.

Dan Avenarius
Director, Distance Learning Center

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Announcing 35 Years of Distance Education Campaign
The Distance Learning Center (DLC) is embarking on a campaign to celebrate 35 years of distance education. To mark this milestone, and to support the future of distance education, we are announcing the launch of a $35,000 fund-raising campaign, kicking off in mid-October. If you receive a phone call from a UW-Platteville student, we hope you will share some of your stories with them and be part of this campaign.

“We are excited for what the next five years will bring to distance education for our students, faculty and staff,” said Dawn Drake, Executive Director. “That is why we felt that this was a good time to celebrate the past as we look toward the future. The campaign will help us fund opportunities that include enhancing student services, upgrading technology, updating online programs, and adding new online programs.”

Friends of distance education who are new to donating are challenged with donating $35 for the 35th anniversary. Donations can be made to one of two funds: the Distance Learning Fund or the Dawn Drake Excellence in Distance Education Scholarship Fund. Both can be accessed online here or contact the DLC at DistEd@uwplatt.edu or 800.362.5460 for more information and to support the DLC with a donation.

“We have won numerous awards and are consistently in the top rankings for our quality of distance education,” Drake said. “This fund-raising campaign will go far in helping our dedicated staff and faculty move ahead as leaders in online programming.” To become part of the campaign, click here.

Networking propels student to success
When Michael O’Connor decided to return to school in 2006, his original goals were simply to learn more about project management and advance his career. He completed his Master of Science in Project Management at UW-Platteville, but realized he wanted more.  Now, eight years and four degrees later, O’Connor reflects on the transformation of his journey.

  See more at: Networking propels student to success

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