Criminal Law

Course Number: CRIMLJUS 4030
Course Name: Criminal Law (Online)
Course Description:    A study of the principles, doctrines and selected rules of criminal law; the sources of substantive criminal law and historical development of common law principles of criminal responsibility; constitutional constraints on the decision to define behavior as criminal.
Prerequisites:    CRIMJUS 2130 and CRIMJUS 2230 with a "C-" or better in each and junior standing; a forensic investigation major, CRIMLJUS 2130 with a "C-" or better and junior standing
Level: Undergraduate
Credits: 3
Format: Online
Program: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

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Additional Information

Learning Outcomes
This course is structured so that diligent students will achieve the objectives outlined below:

  • By the end of this course, students should have an in-depth understanding of substantive criminal law as differentiated from procedural due process.
  • Students should also have developed a definition that they can articulate of justice in the criminal justice system of the United States and its membership states as that justice is guaranteed under the proscriptions and prescriptions of governance guided by the Constitution of the United States and the individual fifty (50) states.
  • Further, students should have developed a definition that they can articulate of freedom as reflected in the guarantees of life, liberty, and property under the Constitution, as well as privacy as found in the penumbra of the Constitution.

Unit Descriptions

Unit 1:  Bad Acts and Guilty Minds: Basic Principles of Substantive Criminal Law
Unit 2:  Something Wicked This Way Comes: Crimes Against Persons
Unit 3:  Pillaging and Destruction: Crimes Against Property
Unit 4:  Getting Away with It: Affirmative Defenses

Grading Information

Summary of Grading Weights

Brief and Critiques (4 @ 100 pts. each) 400 points
Group Exercises (2 @ 50 pts. each) 100 points
Research Paper 100 points
Final Examination 100 points
Total: 700 points


Grading Scale
A Distinguished 90% - 100% 620 - 700 total points
B Proficient 80% - 89% 540 - 619 total points
C Limited 70% - 79% 460 - 539 total points
D Unsatisfactory, but pass 60% - 69% 380 - 459 total points


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