BS Criminal Justice Degree Requirements

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(subject to catalog requirements at the time of admission)

Overview of Credits

  1. General Education Requirements
    1. Competency - 11 credits
    2. Humanities - 12 credits
    3. Social Sciences - 9 credits
    4. Natural Sciences - 9 credits
    5. International Education - 3 credits
    6. Gender and Ethnic Studies - 3 to 6 credits
  2. Criminal Justice Major
    1. Core Requirement - 15 credits
    2. Research Method Requirement - 3 credits
    3. Theory Requirement - 3 credits
    4. Electives Requirement - 15 credits
  3. Business Administration Minor
    1. Required Courses - 12 credits
    2. Elective Courses - 12 credits
  4. Electives - up to 16 credits (may vary)
  5. Writing Proficiency Exam

Total: 120 credits

General Education Requirements

Discuss your options with your academic advisor who can guide you in determining which courses from UW-Platteville or other institutions will meet your general education requirements.

You can complete your general education requirements by

  • Taking distance courses through UW-Platteville (indicated as hyperlinks below)
  • Taking distance courses through UW Colleges or UW Independent Learning
  • Taking approved on-campus or online courses from UW-Platteville or other institutions
  • Transferring approved credits from other institutions

A. Competency Requirements (11 credits total)

Communication (8 credits)

English Composition

  • ENGLISH 1130 Freshman Composition
  • ENGLISH 1230 Freshman Composition

Speech Communication (2 credits)

Mathematics (3 credits)

At least one math course at or above MATH 1630 is required. Elementary Statistics (MATH 1830 or equivalent) is recommended.

B. Liberal Arts Requirements (36 credits total)

Fine Arts, Humanities, and Historical Perspective (12 credits)

You must earn at least three credits in each of these areas and a fourth course as explained below:

Fine Arts (3 credits)
Includes courses in art, music, and theater
MUSIC 1590 Music Appreciation

Humanities (3 credits)
Includes courses in literature, foreign language, philosophy, or women’s studies

Historical Perspective (3 credits)
Includes history courses

Fourth course (3 credits)
The remaining three credits must be a second course from one of the disciplines chosen for the first course in Fine Arts or Humanities or Historical Perspective.

For example, if you took a course in English literature for the humanities requirement, you could take another literature course as your fourth course, but a course in philosophy would not qualify since it wouldn't match the same discipline as your prior course for the humanities requirement.

C. Social Science (9 credits)

You must take at least three credits in each of two disciplines, including economics, political science, psychology, sociology, cultural geography, women's studies, and criminal justice. The remaining three credits must be a second course in one of the disciplines chosen.

1 Required for the degree

D. Natural Science (9 credits)

You must take courses from at least two different disciplines including physics, biology, chemistry, geography, physical science, and geology, and each course must involve a laboratory experience.

E. International Education (3 credits)

F. Ethnic & Gender Studies (3 – 6 credits)

You must take at least three credits in ethnic studies and three credits in gender studies, or take one 3-credit course that satisfies both the ethnic and gender studies requirement.

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Criminal Justice Major Requirements

For the criminal justice major, students must earn a minimum of 36 credits (12 courses) as outlined below. All of these courses are offered online through UW-Platteville:

A. Core Requirement (15 credits)

B. Research Methods Requirement (3 credits)

C. Theory Requirement (3 credits)

D. Electives Requirement (15 credits)

3 These courses have a prerequisite of CRIMLJUS 2130 with a “C” or higher and junior standing or consent of the instructor.

4 This course has a prerequisite of CRIMLJUS 2230 with a “C” or higher and junior standing or consent of the instructor.

5 This course has a prerequisite of CCRIMLJUS 4030 with a “C” or higher and junior standing or consent of the instructor.

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Business Administration Minor

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice online program is paired with a minor in business administration, with courses available in online and print-based formats. Students who want to earn a minor in business administration must complete four required courses and four business administration electives.

A. Required Courses

B. Elective Courses

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Electives may vary - up to 16 credits

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Writing Proficiency Exam


  1. CONTENT: awareness of purpose, focus, logic, length, redundancy, does not address topic/thesis
  2. ORGANIZATION: logical order, coherence, unity
  3. DEVELOPMENT: inadequate explanation, ineffective examples, insufficient details
  4. PARAGRAPHING: too many, too few, inadequately developed, transitions needed
  5. SENTENCE STRUCTURE: fragments, comma splices, run-ons, awkwardness, wordy, lack of parallelism, lack of variety
  6. DICTION: wrong word, slang, cliche'
  7. EXACTNESS: missing words, vague words, needless repetition of words
  8. GRAMMAR: pronoun shift, tense shift, wrong verb, wrong pronoun, passive voice, subject/verb agreement, adjective/adverb error, pronoun/antecedent error
  9. SPELLING: wrong word ending, incorrect form of words, misspelled words
  10. MECHANICS: commas, capitals, apostrophes, semicolons, colons


To graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville with the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, you must:

  1. Earn a minimum of 120 semester credit-hours of college or university credits.
  2. Complete the general education requirements.
  3. Complete the major requirements established for the criminal justice major (minimum of 5 core courses and 7 additional courses). At least 18 of the required credits in the major must be completed under the direction of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville faculty.
  4. Earn a grade of "C" or better in each core course before going on to the next.
  5. Successfully pass the departmental writing proficiency exam and complete English 1130 and English 1230 with grades of "C" or better before taking upper division criminal justice courses (courses numbered between 3000-4999).
  6. Earn a minimum of 39 semester credit-hours in upper-division coursework (courses numbered between 3000-4999.)
  7. Earn a minimum of 32 semester credit-hours by direction and/or evaluation of UW-Platteville faculty.
  8. Complete 23 of the last 32 semester credit-hours by direction and/or evaluation of the UW-Platteville faculty.
  9. Maintain a 2.00 minimum cumulative grade point average on a scale of 4.0 for all coursework.
  10. Meet all financial obligations to the UW-Platteville.

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