Advanced Production and Operations Analysis

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Course Number: ENGRG 7810
Course Name: Advanced Production and Operations Analysis (Online)
Course Description:    Tools and techniques associated with planning and controlling in the production environment including forecasting, aggregate planning, master production scheduling, materials requirement planning, and shop floor control. Integrated aspects of manufacturing resource planning and enterprise resource planning as well as the effects of just-in-time management and theory of constraints.
Prerequisites:    None
Level: Graduate
Credits: 3
Format: Online
Program: MS in Engineering
MS in Project Management
MS in Integrated Supply Chain Management

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NOTE: The information below is representative of the course and is subject to change.  The specific details of the course will be available in the Desire2Learn course instance for the course in which a student registers.

Additional Information

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the nature and dynamics of a supply chain and discuss the impact of supply-chain management on other aspects of operations (inventory, scheduling, etc.).
  • Develop appropriate forecasting methods and measure the validity of the methods.
  • Illustrate the effects of various inventory policies on the level of inventory and associated costs, and describe appropriate applications of each policy.
  • Describe the process and importance of master production scheduling.
  • Compare traditional inventory policies to both material requirements planning and just-in-time manufacturing.
  • Generate schedules using several different strategies and evaluate schedules using various performance measures.

Unit Descriptions

Unit 1 - Supply-Chain Strategy
Characteristics and Behavior of a Supply Chain

Unit 2 - Forecasting and Aggregate Planning
Forecasting Methods, Forecasting and Product Development, Aggregate Planning

Unit 3 - Inventory Policies
Inventory Analysis, Determining Order Quantity and Tracking Inventory Levels, Quantity Discounts and Other Special Situations

Unit 4 - Operational Constraints and Resource Planning
Theory of Constrains, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Master Production Scheduling

Unit 5 - Controlling the Shop Floor
Lean Thinking--Just-in-Time (JIT) Systems, Scheduling Work, Evaluating Schedules

Grading Information

Your course grade will be comprised of:
Four discussion activities (20%)
OM9 Textbook End-of-Chapter Problems (12%)
Participation in OM9 chapter quizzes (20%)
Final paper (20%)
Final exam (28%)

Semester letter grades are assigned on the composite scores as follows:
A = 90 to 100 %
B = 80 to less than 90 %
C = 70 to less than 80 %
D = 60 to less than 70 %
F = Less than 60%

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