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Dan Avenarius

New and improved for 2014-15!

As part of our efforts to continuously improve the student experience, we’ve updated, revised and added new features to our website, the PASS system and more. Read more...

Christopher Thompson

Flexible Programming Turns Army Officer to Lifetime Pioneer

After serving as a US Army Aviation Officer, Christopher Thompson entered the corporate world and quickly gravitated to participating and leading project teams. To further his credentials, he obtained a Certificate in Project Management from UW-Platteville and Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification. With his training, Thompson knew he had found the right fit and enrolled in the Master of Science in Project Management program. Read more...

Christine Rehfeldt

Distance grad honored as commencement speaker

In the 1980s, education looked very different from today. Brick-and-mortar campuses were the only option for many students, and fewer people—especially women— were pursuing a degree. Christine Rehfeldt knew a bachelor’s degree could make a difference in her career and life, but night classes didn’t fit with her busy work schedule. One day she saw an ad in the newspaper for UW-Platteville’s Extended Degree Program and realized a great opportunity lay before her. Read more...

Sandra Smith

Business department selects outstanding student

Sandra Smith has been named the 2014 Distance Learning Center Outstanding Business Student. She was informed of the honor as she picked up her cap and gown, adding to the excitement of graduation weekend. Read more...

Brian Hagen

From learning to leader

Recent graduate Brian Hagen decided to turn a bad experience into a learning one. After observing poor leadership from a former supervisor, he was motivated to further his education so that he could make a difference in his department. “I decided to pursue a career path in criminal justice administration with the goal of contributing to the leadership and philosophical direction of my agency,” Hagen said. Read more...

Shaina Hyman

Serving those who serve

Shaina Hyman wanted to pursue a career in criminal justice for the same reason many others do: to help people. Although her initial focus was on victims of crime, she’s now concerned about the officers who vow to protect and serve those victims. Read more...

Mandy Thomas

Networking helps student in time of change

When Mandy Thomas began pursuing her Master of Science in Project Management in 2009, she knew it would be a challenge. What she didn’t expect was a work-related move from Houston to Pittsburgh that would impact her family and her education. Through the ups and downs of adjusting to a new city and position, Thomas was able to make her online courses work. Read more...

Andrew Warwick

Employer support helps student succeed

When people say one of the benefits of distance education is mobility, Andrew Warwick is a perfect example. Warwick is a Senior Corporate Manufacturing Systems Analyst with Plexus, a global engineering and manufacturing solutions provider. In this role, Warwick has traveled the world while pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Read more...

John Mingo

A veteran helping veterans

John Mingo spent much of the last year of his military career thinking about his future. After 12 ½ years serving active-duty in the Army and another 11 with the National Guard, he knew he wanted to stay connected with the veteran community but didn’t know where to start. When his wife became the Director of Financial Aid and they moved to Platteville, he found the opportunity he wanted. Read more...

Explore your online resources

The team at the Distance Learning Center strives to establish a pathway to success for all our students. We have recently updated some of the tools we provide, and we encourage you to explore our student resources and PASS tip sheets. Read more...


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