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Kiris Brockmiller

Internship opens door to new career possibilities

New graduates know all too well the difficulties of the job hunt that ensues once the diplomas are handed out. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Kiris Brockmiller wasn’t prepared for what came next. “I didn’t really think I’d have that hard of a time getting a job, but the real world kind of slapped me in the face.” Read more...

Amy Larson

Master’s degree key to career advancement

Amy Larson was happy with her job as a Senior Specification Analyst at John Deere Dubuque Works, but saw potential to grow with the company in their expansive supply management division. Read more...

Marvin Williams

Teacher becomes a facilitator of change

Marvin Williams looks for opportunities where they may not be obvious. His OCL courses have allowed Williams to share and receive different perspectives on change. But what sets him apart from his classmates is Williams is one of only two teachers currently in the program. Read more...

 Lisa Talbot

A capstone project for the greater good

When the time came for Lisa Talbot to complete her capstone for her Master of Science in Project Management, her professors and advisor encouraged her to think outside the box. With their support, Talbot took on a challenge with a personal connection: she organized a fund raiser for pulmonary fibrosis research. Not only was she managing a major event, she was joining her father’s battle against the disease. Read more...

Kate Kanaley

Criminal justice degree is a jumping-off point

For Kate Kanaley, what started as a general interest in law enforcement has led to a career, an avenue for serving the public, and big plans for the future. Read more...

Navigating the Transition to ‘Learner as Customer’

If you’ve worked in marketing higher education for a while, you’re sure to remember the good old days: when students chose a school because they were familiar with a local institution, or because they could easily drive to campus. Maybe their neighbor was a faculty member at the local college. If they did decide to attend a school that was farther away, it might have been their dad’s alma mater. Read more...

We want your input

Five years ago, we formed a task force to determine the future direction of distance education at UW-Platteville. As with any worthwhile planning process, the goals were very aggressive and far-reaching. As we reach the end of year four of this five year plan, I am pleased to say that we have met the majority of the goals, even surpassing some. We have a few goals we are still working on and will continue to make progress in the upcoming fiscal year. Read more...

Textbooks for online courses

UW-Platteville’s official textbook provider for online courses is MBS Direct. By ordering through MBS, you are guaranteed to have the correct book for your course and can select from a variety of options including new, used, and e-book options depending on the textbook. And starting with the summer 2014 term, MBS will also offer textbook rental for select titles! This will provide students with another cost-saving opportunity. Read more...

Sakeena Jones

Time Management Key to Engineering Grad’s Success

Sakeena Jones was a bit skeptical when she enrolled in UW-Platteville’s online Master of Science in engineering program. She knew education was important for furthering her career, but was concerned an online program wouldn’t provide the quality coursework she hoped for. However, now that she has put in the years of hard work and earned her degree, Jones says she has an education she can be proud of. Read more...

Staying on track for graduation

As you work through your spring term courses, take a moment to review your degree evaluation and see how far you have to go - it may be less than you think! Read more...


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