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Daniels with his mentor John Caffey

Support of family, employer guide engineering student's success

Many people who return to school do so to advance their careers. Cleveland Daniels had a similar goal in mind, but he took things one step further by collaborating with his supervisor to tie his education to his work. Read more...

Tammy Enz

Instructor promotes STEM education for all ages

As a parent, educator, and engineer, Instructor Tammy Enz has a passion for STEM education at all ages. In this Q & A session, we find out how she is exploring these topics in her college courses and children’s book series. Read more...

Sephanie Cooley and her husband Dennis

Stephanie Cooley

When someone says they are a Functional Analyst, they are sometimes met with a blank stare. Functional Analyst? What does that mean? Stephanie Cooley has a much more playful term for her job — computer geek. Read more...

Student guided by love of learning

In his role as a Field Service Engineer for an international medical equipment manufacturer, Dan McKernan is always looking for ways to make things better. Whether it’s installing a new software package or updating equipment for a customer, he likes to tinker and troubleshoot until the job is done right. Read more...

Scott Anderson

For All It's Worth

Scott Anderson has been getting involved at UW-Platteville since he became a Pioneer. Before he was an alumnus and a member of the Distance Education Alumni Board, he was active in student activities while working on his bachelor’s degree in business administration on campus and then as a graduate student in the online Master of Science in Project Management Program. Read more...

Spring 2016 Graduates

Congratulations, Spring 2016 Graduates!

The Distance Learning Center faculty and staff would like to congratulate all of our spring 2016 graduates. You should be proud of all you have accomplished during your time here—we are! Read more...

Kendall and her husband Viktor

Kendall Loggins

To be successful, athletes require skill, work ethic, and—perhaps most important—a passion for the game. Kendall Loggins had all of these traits and more when she was competing in Division I women’s soccer for the University of Cincinnati. However, throughout her time at the university she would soon discover these traits could support another passion—higher education. Read more...

Brenda Oftedahl

Student honors husband's memory by completing her degree

Graduating from high school in 1978, Brenda Oftedahl dreamed of attending college to become a veterinarian, but because college wasn’t an option for her at that time she began work at a local bank. Read more...

Kate on the trail

Kate Devereaux

Even at a young age, Kate Devereaux knew she wanted to be a storyteller. In any given situation, she always wanted to know more about the people and places she was experiencing. Now she is bringing that thirst for knowledge to her work at UW-Platteville’s Distance Learning Center. Read more...

Marc Meono

Cohort Member Mixes Engineering and Project Management

In the spring of 2016, six UW-Platteville distance education students became the first members of the Distance Learning Center’s STEM Scholar Master’s Program. Read more...


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