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Mandy Thomas

Networking helps student in time of change

When Mandy Thomas began pursuing her Master of Science in Project Management in 2009, she knew it would be a challenge. What she didn’t expect was a work-related move from Houston to Pittsburgh that would impact her family and her education. Through the ups and downs of adjusting to a new city and position, Thomas was able to make her online courses work. Read more...

Andrew Warwick

Employer support helps student succeed

When people say one of the benefits of distance education is mobility, Andrew Warwick is a perfect example. Warwick is a Senior Corporate Manufacturing Systems Analyst with Plexus, a global engineering and manufacturing solutions provider. In this role, Warwick has traveled the world while pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Read more...

John Mingo

A veteran helping veterans

John Mingo spent much of the last year of his military career thinking about his future. After 12 ½ years serving active-duty in the Army and another 11 with the National Guard, he knew he wanted to stay connected with the veteran community but didn’t know where to start. When his wife became the Director of Financial Aid and they moved to Platteville, he found the opportunity he wanted. Read more...

Explore your online resources

The team at the Distance Learning Center strives to establish a pathway to success for all our students. We have recently updated some of the tools we provide, and we encourage you to explore our student resources and PASS tip sheets. Read more...

Joshua Wadley

Graduating a World Away

When you work in a country recovering from war, hard work and determination are crucial to meeting your goals. Joshua Wadley has never been afraid of hard work, and he applies this mindset to both his education and his work. Read more...

Caryn Stanley

From the Advisors: Preview Week and D2L Update

If you are taking courses this summer, please take a few minutes to review the following: Read more...

The Big 'M'

Alumni Board selects new president

During their annual fall meeting, the UW-Platteville Distance Education Alumni Board selected MSPM graduate Peter Mihalick to serve as president for the 2013–2014 school year. Mihalick has a dedication to UW-Platteville that makes him an excellent candidate for the position. Read more...

Kiris Brockmiller

Internship opens door to new career possibilities

New graduates know all too well the difficulties of the job hunt that ensues once the diplomas are handed out. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Kiris Brockmiller wasn’t prepared for what came next. “I didn’t really think I’d have that hard of a time getting a job, but the real world kind of slapped me in the face.” Read more...

Amy Larson

Master’s degree key to career advancement

Amy Larson was happy with her job as a Senior Specification Analyst at John Deere Dubuque Works, but saw potential to grow with the company in their expansive supply management division. Read more...

Marvin Williams

Teacher becomes a facilitator of change

Marvin Williams looks for opportunities where they may not be obvious. His OCL courses have allowed Williams to share and receive different perspectives on change. But what sets him apart from his classmates is Williams is one of only two teachers currently in the program. Read more...


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