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Holly Voll

Holly Voll

Creativity is at the heart of everything for Development Specialist Holly Voll. If there is a new crafting trend, she’s the first to try it and makes every project with her own unique style. She also loves to share her skills with those around her by organizing holiday decorating contests for the office or planning activities for the divisional meetings. Her creative skills have benefitted not just her co-workers, but the Platteville community as well. Read more...

Chuck Christison and Dan Avenarius

Chuck Christison

Chuck Christison has been an instructional designer with the Distance Learning Center since September 1999. Over his 16 years with the institution, he has seen processes, technologies, and roles change dramatically, and has been an integral part of the evolution of distance education at UW-Platteville. Now, as he looks forward to retirement in December, he reflects on his years of service. Read more...

ChrystalRose Heinz and her husband Joel at the military ball.

Community fuels graduate's drive for education

MSOCL graduate CrystalRose Heinz has a passion for learning, and her education has often served as her refuge. Heinz, who is a Technical Sergeant in the Air Force Reserves and is a part of the Mohican Veteran organization, has found that her drive to learn came from many unique and sometimes challenging situations in her life. Read more...

Henry Musto

Overcoming adversity through steady progress

Henry “Hank” Musto began his college career at UW-Platteville the same way many students did in 1986; he enrolled at the brick and mortar campus and started his courses in the fall. By 1988, however, Musto found himself battling ulcerative colitis and attending traditional lectures became more and more difficult. Soon, he was forced to leave school because his illness had become unmanageable, but he wasn’t ready to give up on his goals. Read more...

Amy and Chancellor Dennis J. Shields

Amy Foley

When Amy Foley stepped onto the UW-Platteville campus for the first time, little did she know she was taking the first step towards a future career. Read more...

Kalyn Williams

Kalyn Williams

From taking on various roles in higher education to dominating her competitors at trivia night, Kalyn Williams brings a wide breadth of experiences as an advisor for the BS Criminal Justice Program at UW-Platteville Online. Previously, Williams worked in financial aid, student services, and academic advising at other institutions, but she jumped at the chance to be an advisor with UW-Platteville Online because of UW-Platteville’s long history and her passion for education. Read more...

Go the distance with Pioneer Pete!

Even though our Pioneers are spread across the globe, we can still sense their passion for learning, drive to succeed, and pioneering spirit right here on the UW-Platteville campus. But we want to see it too! So we’re asking you, Pioneers, to show us where you live, work, study, and have fun! Read more...

Paying it Forward: Professor inspired by distance learning encourages next generation

When John Clarkin, Ph.D. embarked on his educational path at UW-Platteville Distance Education in the early 1990’s, he already had years of military and work experiences to influence his coursework. His Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree marked the start of his new career path. Read more...

James Rubocki

Marine pursues his education from across the globe

In his role as a logistics officer with the United States Marine Corps, James Rubocki is tasked with directing transportation support services to marines throughout the Pacific region, as well as developing and coordinating the training that allows his unit to complete missions successfully. Faced with such a demanding role, Rubocki decided to pursue his master’s degree in Integrated Supply Chain Management to ensure he had all the tools necessary to succeed. Read more...

Tania Pitzer

Tania Pitzer

Tania Pitzer has a long history with UW-Platteville, spanning both campus and online programs. She graduated from the university with a degree in Business Administration in 1999 and returned a few years later for a position with the Services for Students with Disabilities office. She worked for campus for about 10 years before transitioning to UW-Platteville Online. Read more...


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