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Textbooks for Online courses

UW-Platteville’s official textbook provider for online courses is MBS Direct. By ordering through MBS, you are guaranteed to have the correct book for your course and can select from a variety of options including new, used, e-book, and rental depending on the textbook. Read more...

Dr. J. Jae Lee

New History Course Available

UW-Platteville Distance Education is offering a new general education course for undergraduate students, HIST 1430 – History of the US Since 1877. This course will be offered in summer and fall 2015 and will be taught by Dr. J. Jae Lee. Read more...

Sherry Janssen

Collaboration and flexibility key to success

It would be an understatement to say Sherry Janssen is a busy woman. As the Manager of Engineering for Shopko Stores, Inc., Janssen oversees all Supply Chain Engineering projects throughout a wide logistics network. Over the last three years, her primary focus has been the implementation of Shopko’s first Labor Management System to include Engineered Labor Standards. Read more...

Eric MacKay

Are summer classes for you? Ask your Advisor!

As an academic advisor in the Distance Learning Center, one of the most common questions I am asked is, “Should I take classes over the summer?” While there is not a one-size-fits-all answer to that question, I think there are a number of benefits to consider before you start playing Alice Cooper’s 1972 hit, “School’s Out for Summer.” Read more...

Blazing the Trail as the Distance Learning Center’s First Graduates

In the 1980s, distance education looked very different from today. Brick-and-mortar campuses were the only option for most students, but this proved difficult for those trying to balance work, family, and school. As an educational professional, Kahtan Al Yasiri saw untapped potential, and in 1978, he initiated the Extended Degree Program (EDP) at UW-Platteville, which would allow students to make their education meet their needs. Students were able to complete courses according to a timeline that worked for them and could earn credits for life and work experience. Read more...

 Kristin Carroll

Serving students and the community through involvement

Getting involved has always been important to Kristin Carroll, so it’s no wonder that she was drawn to a career where she can serve both her alma mater and her community. Read more...

Four ceremonies for May 2015 commencement

In May, UW-Platteville will graduate one of the largest classes ever. To accommodate all of our students, there will be four separate commencement ceremonies. All will take place in the Williams Fieldhouse. Read more...

Kathy Fallis

Engineering degree is a ‘wise investment’

As a military veteran, Kathy Fallis knew that duty could call at any time. While she wanted to pursue an advanced degree, Fallis knew her work as the Director of Operations for the 148th Space Operations Squadron with the California Air National Guard would need to remain a priority. The key to success was finding a school that would appreciate and help her overcome the specific challenges military personnel face and for Fallis, UW-Platteville was a great fit. Read more...

Linda Moser

Rocky start can't stop success

By her own admission, Linda Moser’s time with Master of Science in Distance Education Leadership program got off to a rocky start. Read more...

Lori Wedig

Building and Balancing, DEL student reflects on upcoming graduation

Spring 2015 will present the first graduates of the UW-Platteville Distance Education Leadership program and Lori Wedig is proud to be one of them. Drawn to the program by an interest in higher education, Wedig was excited to start her new journey in a growing field. Read more...


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