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Richard Kvapil

Making a difference with DLC Student Advisory Board

What is best for the students? This seemingly simple question is at the heart of all the decisions made in the UW-Platteville Distance Learning Center, and our Student Advisory Board plays a vital role in the decision-making process. Read more...

Deb and Gary Apperson rode their motorcycles from Anchorage, Alaska, to UW-Platteville in 2014.

An officer, a mentor, a teacher - remembering Gary Apperson

Gary Apperson was a police officer by trade, but a teacher by heart. Gary served as an adjunct instructor for the university, teaching courses for the online undergraduate Criminal Justice Program. Gary passed away on January 28, 2017, from cancer complications. Read more...

Akehurst applied the principles he learned in his ISCM classes to his work in the Port of LA, and they helped him move to his new career with an electronics manufacturer in San Francisco, California.

From UCLA to UW-Platteville, pieces fall into place for ISCM student

Kelvin Akehurst often marvels at the complexities that make up a successful supply chain. Any number of processes and procedures must take place to advance the products, goods, and services that are a part of our everyday lives. Read more...

Cleo Magnuson

Cleo Magnuson

In her role as an Instructional Designer, Cleo Magnuson uses communications technology like video conferencing, online rooms, and a telepresence robot to collaborate with instructors and colleagues throughout the United States. Read more...

Chris Hanegraaf

Alumnus sees 'opportunities everywhere to get involved'

Distance Education Alumni Board member Chris Hanegraaf first came to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville as a transfer student his sophomore year of college to study computer science. “It’s hard to pick any one thing that stands out. I had a lot of great experiences at UW-Platteville,” said Hanegraaf, whose father is also an alumnus of the university. Read more...

Autumn Fisher

STEM scholar achieves goals with help of scholarship program mentors

Realizing almost 10 years had passed since she took a college course, Autumn Fisher knew it would be difficult to step back into the role of a student. Read more...

Buck Robertson

OCL student leads to serve others

Over the course of his career, service and leadership have been common threads for Buck Robertson, a Deputy Sheriff Sergeant with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. Read more...

Mental Health Matters

Advisors as advocates for students' mental health

In order to address mental health in higher education, we first need to get something out in the open, and that something is mental health. In a society where mental health issues and illnesses are surrounded by stigma, it can be difficult to discuss your struggles. The good news is you’re not alone. Read more...

Nick Pitzer and family

Nick Pitzer

Helping others has long been a theme in Nick Pitzer’s life. That passion first led him to a teaching degree from Northern Illinois University. When he was presented with the opportunity to tie his years of experience back to education, he leapt at the chance. Read more...


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