Internship opens door to new career possibilities

March 24, 2014

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Kiris Brockmiller

New graduates know all too well the difficulties of the job hunt that ensues once the diplomas are handed out. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in
criminal justice from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Kiris Brockmiller wasn’t prepared for what came next. “I didn’t really think I’d have that hard of a time getting a job, but the real world kind of slapped me in the face.”

Brockmiller decided to enroll in the Master of Science in Criminal Justice Program. During her last semester, she had the opportunity to complete an internship for Washington County (Minn.) Adult Probation and Parole Services and found her true calling. “I thought about going into corrections, working in a jail or prison, but probation is what I want to do,” she said. “While I was doing my internship, I loved going in every day, and I didn’t want to leave. It was great.”

Brockmiller furthered her education by completing a Child Advocacy Studies certificate. “My CAST classes were very insightful and I learned a lot in them,” she said. “The way they were set up was easy to get through, and it was easy to understand the information and then apply it.”

“Kiris was an excellent student throughout this demanding graduate program. Her academic performance while juggling internship tasks and work responsibilities was superior,” said Cheryl Banachowski-Fuller, Director of the MSCJ program.

“I shocked myself on how well I did,” Brockmiller said. “The whole program overall was really good. It’s awesome to learn from students throughout the country working in different areas of the criminal justice field.”

Clear Float

This pane clears float!

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