Microsoft Academic Alliance/ELMS

The CSSE department at UW-Platteville participates in the Microsoft Academic Alliance program. This allows us to offer certain software to students enrolled in computer science and/or software engineering courses free-of-charge. Some notes about the program:

Frequent Problems and their Solutions

  • Not being able to execute installation files after downloading.
    In some cases, the file downloads without an extension. After downloading, rename the file to include the ".exe" file extension. For example, if you download the file "MSDN", you might need to rename it to "MSDN.exe". The computer will then recognize the file as executable. Run the file to continue with software download.

    (Further hint: if you don't see any extensions on any of your files, open Windows Explorer - notInternet Explorer! - select Folder Options... from the Tools menu, click on the View tab, clear the box for "Hide extensions for known file types", and click OK.)

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