Software Engineering Introduction

Welcome to the software engineering program at UW-Platteville. Our program emphasizes application of theoretical concepts toward practical software engineering design and development.

What is Software Engineering:

Software engineering is the application of sound engineering principles and techniques to the analysis, design, development, testing and management of software systems. It is an interdisciplinary study integrating traditional computer science, which focuses on algorithm development and related theoretical issues, with engineering, which emphasizes designing and building complex, safe, reliable systems for general use. Its goal is the production of quality software, on time and within budget. It is a relatively new engineering field that is rapidly growing.

Software Engineering Program at UW-Platteville:

The SE curriculum at UW-Platteville starts with a solid foundation in math, computer science, and additional science. Integrated throughout the curriculum are courses that cover process, practice, and the entire range of development tasks from gathering requirements to ensuring quality to basic project management. Thus students receive extensive practical experience in the design and development of software systems. In addition, students take a few electrical engineering courses. These and other courses support the curriculum's focus on the development of real-time embedded systems such as those which control appliances, security systems, automobiles, aircraft, and many other types of engineered systems. However, the grounding in software engineering fundamentals also prepares the graduate to succeed in any area of software development.

The program provides opportunities for students to work with faculty and other students in engineering and computer science disciplines. Outstanding aspects of the Software Engineering program at UW-Platteville include: