UW-Platteville has a nationally recognized internship program, considered by many to be one of the best in the United States. A student who has completed the sophomore year is eligible to apply for an eight-week internship with a criminal justice agency area of career interest. The student is assigned to observe and study the daily operations of the agency and, under agency supervision, may work on active cases and special assignments.

Because the UW-Platteville criminal justice department has received national recognition for the superior quality of its internship program, participation in the internship program is competitive. To be eligible for an internship, the student must be of high character and must have earned at least 60 credits plus 12 upper division criminal justice credits, a 2.25 GPA, and have passed the department's writing certification requirement.

The departments of chemistry and engineering, physics, biology, and criminal justice cooperate in preparing students interested in becoming crime laboratory analysts. In cooperation with the Department of Psychology and the Counselor Education Graduate Program, undergraduate criminal justice majors can obtain AODA (alcohol and other drug abuse) certification. The departments of criminal justice and psychology also cooperate in the social work certification process.

See Resources to download a list of common internship agencies.

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