Crime Scene House

Crime Scene House

As part of its continuing efforts to provide the leading forensic investigation education and training, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville is pleased to announce the recent opening of the Forensic Investigation Crime Scene House (FICSH). The facility is located at the Pioneer Farm, only a short drive from campus thus providing easy access to students and faculty. The FICSH is one of only three such locations within the United States and the only one located in the Midwest and built specifically for forensic investigation.

The forensic investigation house is a 3,000 square foot facility ranch-style house with a partially finished basement. The first floor is arranged as a residential structure with the basement designed to incorporate the look and feel of a commercial structure, including an external entrance. The entire first floor, basement area, and exterior of the house are wired with closed circuit digital video equipment that can be recorded and monitored, which gives instructors a unique method for critique. There are two one-way mirrors on the first floor that can be used for non-intrusive observation of training, such as simulated interrogations.

UW-Platteville firmly believes that students learn best through the hands-on application of principles taught in the classroom. The forensic investigation house gives students the opportunity to experience what crime scene personnel experience when arriving at the scene of a crime. They are taught important principles including entry procedures, photography, evidence documentation and collection, latent fingerprint development techniques, bloodstain pattern analysis and many other aspects of forensic investigation. By providing a first-hand look at the procedures followed by crime scene personnel, our faculty can better illustrate the concepts of corresponding lectures.

For more information or questions about Criminal Justice facilities, contact:

Dr. Pat Solar
Director of Facilities
Tel: 608.342.6126

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