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What is cpr?

You wake up, go to class, eat lunch, study, and...then what? That’s where Campus Programming and Relations comes in. CPR is the student-run programming board of UW-Platteville. We’re responsible for offering you, the student, a fun atmosphere in between your homework and classes. We aim to provide the campus with both large and small-scale events ranging from comedians to dollar movie nights.

We host a wide variety of events. Whether you enjoy catching a movie or showcasing your talents in front of your peers, CPR will be sure to host an event that attracts you! If you have an event idea or need help putting on your own event, CPR can help!  We have a program fund set up to help student organizations put on their own event!  Check out our Funding Request tab on the top of the page to learn more!




Late Night at The Markee

Late Night at the Markee is back and better than ever! On April 28 CPR will be hosting one of our largest events all year in The Markee from 10 P.M. to 2 A.M. Yes, you read that correctly 10 P.M. to 2 A.M. We are starting off the night with the crazy and hilarious antics of headliner comedian John Cassidy at 10 P.M. After that, the party continues with fun carnival games like human sized Hungry Hungry Hippos, skeeball, mini putt putt golf and many more. Acts such as balloon artist, caricature artist, and tarot card readers will be around making sure there is entertainment where ever you venture in the The Markee.  If that isn’t good enough, we will also be providing free hot dogs, brats, cotton candy, snow cones, and Monster.  We will see you April 28 at The Markee from 10 P.M. to 2 A.M.

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Mission Statement

Campus Programming and Relations offers diverse educational, cultural, social, and recreational entertainment programs as a part of the broad curriculum at UW-Platteville. Program needs are accessed, planned, promoted, implemented, and evaluated to support the campus curriculum. Student-staff facilitate these objectives to create programs in community engagement, music features, movies, current issues, homecoming, pioneer adventures, Platteville after dark, and special events. These events offer a rich variety of activities for students, staff, faculty, alumni, and guests.




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