Students Promoting Respect (SPR)

Students Promoting Respect


We are a group of male, student-leaders committed to insuring that the main message among students on our campus is that we “prioritize respectful, considerate and compassionate behavior toward others”.

It is our goal to increase awareness to the issues of sexual assault against women, violence toward others, and hate-based behavior and how these impact the lives of college students.  Our focus will be to increase positive interactions among students and decrease offensive or abusive behavior that can impede a productive learning environment.


Recognized male student leaders on campus who are nominated by athletic staff, campus administrators, or other members of SPR.  As male student leaders speaking up against violence toward women and violence toward others, the message is clear:  men have a stake in all of this.


Participation.  To get involved in the activities and events sponsored by or supported by this group.  You will be asked to help organize and plan events.  You will be asked to lend not only your presence, but your voice and your face to activities that are intended to speak to a larger audience.

Commitment.  You will be asked to make a commitment to help increase the awareness of others to issues as important as sexual assault, sexual violence, domestic violence, and hate crimes.  You will be asked to be a role model to others, and in essence monitor your own interactions with women and others.

Creativity.  You will be asked to brainstorm ideas that will speak to other college-age students.  You will be asked to make presentations or speak to groups.


Contact Vickie Dreessens or Deirdre Dalsing for more information or to schedule a presentation.


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