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Presented by "Miss Carole" Stephens

“Miss Carole” Stephens will start our day with a keynote address entitled “Active Music: Brain Food, Body Fuel” that is guaranteed to get participants involved and facilitating the acquisition of many early literacy skills. Active music – for teachers and children of ALL abilities. Dubbed "the Pied Piper of children's music", “Miss Carole” Stephens is a nationally renowned music specialist. Her cross-curricular music and guidance techniques instantly invite all audiences from the youngest child to the oldest adult to join in singing, dancing and rhythmic movement. Miss Carole has been teaching music for children 1 - 6 years old since 1989. Through her company, ‘Macaroni Soup!’, she travels across the US presenting concerts for children and families, and workshops for teachers, librarians and parents. Her seven award-winning CD's are treasured for their usefulness, appropriateness and simplicity. www.macaronisoup.com



Presented by Lilly Irvin-Vitela

Lilly Irvin-Vitela will be empowering participants to make positive steps in family engagement with a presentation entitled “ABC’s of Family Engagment: Beyond Newsletters, Parent Teacher Conferences, and Family Fun Nights to Relationship-Based Practices and Powerful Positive Partnerships” during the general session portion of the 2016 Early Childhood Conference. Lilly Irvin-Vitela, the President and Lead Consultant at Common Worth, LLC, has academic training as a community and regional planner with an emphasis on community development and popular empowerment education.  She has significant professional experience in mobilizing communities, creating sustainable outreach and engagement strategies, organizational development, conflict resolution, continuous quality improvement, promoting cultural competence, and strategic planning.  She has written numerous curriculum and train-the-trainer resources on family engagement, parent leadership development, and cultural competence (as
well as other topics) in early childhood and family service settings. She has also provided organizational coaching to executives and front-line staff in both health and human service settings to support professional development and organizational development in a manner that is both culturally responsive and respectful of the unique needs of adult learners.  Irvin-Vitela has over 20 years of experience working in and for public and private community-based and state level organizations.  As the former executive administrator of organizations responsible for implementing annual multi-million dollar budgets to deliver services to children and families, Irvin-Vitela has insight into how to successfully address implementation barriers to optimize resources for program participants. www.commonworth.net

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