College For Kids and Middle University-FAQ

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Where should we meet, and will my child be supervised?


  • Parent/guardian and student should arrive on campus  at 12:15 pm. Location is to be determined.
  • Parent/guardian and student will need to check-in upon arrival daily.
  • Students will line up behind class signs.
  • Instructors and/or teacher assistants will accompany students to their classes.


  • Parent/guardian can pick up student on campus. Location is to be determined. 
  • Parent/guardian and student will need to check-out at end of each day. 
  • Please be prompt in picking up your child.
  • Supervision ends at 4:15 pm.

Will my child receive a T-Shirt?

College for Kids and Middle University T-shirts are provided for students who enroll by the June 27, 2016 registration date.

Should my child bring a snack for break?

Your child is more than welcome to bring a snack and/or drink for the afternoon break. We will not have access to refrigerators so please include an ice pack with your child's snack/drink if needed.


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