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What is the benefit of attending this summer program?

The material covered in this one week program is the same as that which is presented in Introductory Chemistry: CHEM 1020 – This course that is taken by many Engineering majors and some science majors at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

How does a student submit the required transcript?

An official high school transcript is required. Contact your high school to request this. 

NOTE: Home schooled students must provide official transcripts from the school(s) attended and/or a transcript of courses taken at home and grades signed by the individual providing the education verifying the curriculum. 

Does the student have to attend all days of the program?

Yes, students must attend all the days of the program.

Does the student have to complete all homework?

Yes. All homework assignments, lab activities and projects must be completed prior to leaving the event in order for the student to receive credit and a final grade.

How are credits earned and what is the student’s grade based on?

Two credits are earned by passing the final exam and the student’s grade is based on successful completion of all assignments, labs and projects.

How are the students notified of their grades?

The student will receive an email upon completion of the course.

Would the student’s credit transfer to another university or institution?

Credit transferability is at the discretion of the university or institution to which the student is applying.

Will the student receive a 1098T?

No. This is a summer program similar to a camp.


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