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MSE-Adult Education

The UW-Platteville School of Education offers online a Master of Science in Education (MSE) in Adult Education. One variant of this degree sequence consists of an individualized concentration in vocational education. The individualized concentration in this 33 credit degree sequence can consist of all 19 graduate credits of the approved BCBA course sequence. 

If you are already enrolled in a masters program, these courses may "wrap-around" and become part of your plan of study. 

Course of Study

4 Grad Credits Applied Behavior Analysis Jan 13-May 18, 2014
3 Grad Credits Research Design May 26-Sept 28, 2014
3 Grad Credits Ethics Oct 6, 2014-Feb 22, 2015
3 Grad Credits Developmental Disabilities/Autism I March 9-July 13, 2015
3 Grad Credits Supervised Fieldwork July 27-Nov 29, 2015
3 Grad Credits Developmental Disabilities/Autism II Dec 7, 2015-April 17, 2016
Total Credits: 19 Graduate Credits
Graduate Credit Costs: $439.47 per credit or $8,349.93 for the entire BCBA series. 

To earn the MSE, you will in addition take these courses:

3 Grad Credits Public Relations in School and Community TCHG 7050
3 Grad Credits Program Planning for Adults TCHG 7540
3 Grad Credits Adult Learner TCHG 7550
3 Grad Credits  Research Procedures TCHG 7000
2 Grad Credits Seminar Paper
Total Credits: 14 Graduate Credits
Graduate Credit Costs: $450 per credit or $6,300 for the MSE Core Courses

The MSE courses can be taken in roughly any sequence with Research Procedures and the Seminar Paper necessarily being some of the last courses taken. These courses will be scheduled upon need to assist in graduating at the end of the spring term in 2016. 


BACB Required Curriculum (for Graduate Credit): $ 8,349.93
MSE Core Curriculum: $ 6,300.00
Total MSE Cost $14,649.93
BAACB Required Curriculum (non-credit): $ 4,116.67

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