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Let's explore how you can prevent business loss due to theft and mismanagement during this 3-part series.


Grant Patient is an instructor in the Criminal Justice program at the UW-Platteville, teaching both traditional classroom courses as well as online courses. Patient brings a wealth of experience to his teaching having worked for many years in corporate security operations and investigation in the Chicago area and has taught a variety of courses including private security operations, white collar crime, cybercrime, and asset protection management. His easy going teaching style along with the real world stories he shares provides you with an engaging and beneficial learning experience. Join this important discussion!

Cost:         $139 for the entire series; or $49 each
Location:  UW-Platteville campus, Ullsvik Hall, Room 115
                 Park in Lot 2

asset protection mini-course series

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External Loss

One risk is loss of assets due to customer theft and customer fraud. These are referred to as external loss and this class focuses on how to identify theft and fraud risks and what you can do in your business to minimize these risks.


Tuesday, October 24

* Shoplifting
* Customer Fraud Schemes
* Civil Recovery

Internal Loss

One risk is loss of assets due to internal loss. While no business owner believes members of the team would be “stealing” from the business, the facts are it happens. Way more than we’d like to believe. This class focuses on how to identify theft schemes and behaviors within the workplace, and also the legalities and response options that the business owner needs to be aware of.

Tuesday, November 7

* Embezzlement
* Employee Fraud Schemes
* Internal Controls

Administrative Loss

One risk is loss of assets due to administration loss. This class focuses on how to identify losses resulting from your inventory control procedures, auditing, and Refuse/disposal/damage.


Tuesday, November 14

* Shrinkage Awareness
* Business Continuity
* Inventory Auditing

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