Purpose & Duties

Composition and Current Membership


Faculty Representative: Three faculty members from each college, with no more than one from any department. One member is appointed by and from each CRSTC annually. The other members from each college must be tenured and are elected in an all-faculty election for two-year staggered terms. No member shall serve more than four consecutive years. No academic dean is eligible to serve.

MemberCollegeTerm Expires
J.Elmo Rawling (Chair)LAE2014
John IselinEMS2015
Joan RiedleLAE2015
Susan HansonBILSA2015
Barb BarnetEMS2014
Jeff HuebschmanBILSA2014
VacantEMS CRST2014
Susan HansenLAE2014
Frank SteckBILSA CRST2014
VacantBILSA CRST2014
Kory WeinLAE CRST2014