Retitling or Promotion Request: A request can be made by either the individual in the position or any line supervisor of the position.

Retitling and Promotion Review Forms: Should be completed and review process begun with immediate supervisor. Copies of all materials should be sent to the Academic Staff Personnel Commission.

Academic Staff Personnel Commission: The Academic Staff Personnel Commission will conduct a review and make a recommendation on all retitling and promotion requests to monitor and ensure consistency within the institution and compliance with Unclassified Titling & Evaluation System guidelines.

Evaluation Criteria: All retitling and promotion decisions must take into account Unclassified Titling & Evaluation System requirements of the desired position, programmatic needs, fiscal constraints, and organizational structures.

Supervisory Review: Supervisory review of retitling requests are limited to a maximum of three reviews. These reviews should be conducted by the immediate supervisor, the appropriate administrative officer (Provost, Assistant Chancellor for Business Affairs, Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs), and the Chancellor. If there should be supervisory levels between the immediate supervisor and the appropriate administrative officer, it is the responsibility of the immediate supervisor to consult those individuals prior to the rendering of the immediate supervisorís endorsement.

Supervisory Action: Supervisory staff sign request form indicating positive or negative support and attach documentation addressing the rationale for their decision based on Unclassified Titling & Evaluation System requirements of the desired position and/or programmatic needs, fiscal constraints, or organizational structures.

Reconsideration Rights: Any academic staff or supervisor may request and receive reconsideration of a negative recommendation. Reconsideration requests must include new information or clarification of information previously submitted which addresses the rationale detailed by the reviewer in the negative recommendation.

Withdrawal of Request: Any person initiating a request may withdraw that request at any time within the process. Any request not withdrawn by the initiator will automatically proceed through the process.

Denial of Requests: It is recognized that if a request meets Unclassified Titling & Evaluation System criteria, but denied due to institutional priorities or needs, the academic staff person cannot be encouraged, expected, or coerced into performing the responsibilities of a position for which they are not currently titled.

Effective Date: If the request is approved, the effective date of title, prefix, scope, and/or pay grade for annual appointment is July 1; the effective date for academic year appointments is the beginning of the academic year contract. Exceptions to those dates must be approved by the Chancellor.

Salary Change: For a promotion or retitling involving an increase in salary grade, the new salary must be at least at the minimum of the salary grade for the new title or an increase of five (5) percent (to a maximum of $1750 on an annual basis) of the current salary of the staff member, whichever is greater.