Purpose & Duties

Composition and Current Membership


Nine tenured faculty appointed by the Faculty Senate, three year term, nonconsecutive terms, no more than one member from any department, no current members of any RST body

MemberCollegeTerm Expires
David DruryEMSElectrical Engineering2015
Corinne EnrightLAEPsychology2015
Susan HansenBILSABusiness & Accounting2015
Abulkhair MasoomEMSGeneral Engineering2014
Brian PeckhamLAESocial Sciences2014
Mark ZidonBILSASchool of Agriculture2014
Rob HaskerEMSComputer Science & Software Engineering2013
Miyeon KwonEMSMathematics2013
Mary Rose WilliamsBILSACommunication Technologies2013


May serve consecutive terms

MemberCollegeTerm Expires
Barbara BarnetEMSMathematics2015
Kevin HaertzenEMSMathematics2015
Julie McDonaldEMSMathematics2015
Chetna NarayanLAEPsychology2015
Avuthu ReddyBILSAAgriculture2015
Swaminat BalachandranEMSMechanical & Industrial Engineering2014
Benjamin CollinsEMSMathematics2014
Susan HansenBILSABusiness & Accounting2014
Keith ThompsonEMSCivil & Environmental Engineering2014
Sheryl WillsEMSMathematics2014