UW-Platteville Contacts

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UW-Platteville Faculty and Staff at UW-Fox Valley

Dr. Michael Zampaloni
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Room 1031, University Drive Building
Tel: 920.832.0104
E-mail: zampalonim@uwplatt.edu

Dr. Fang Yang
Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering
Room 1032, University Drive Building
Tel: 920.832.2647
E-mail: yangfan@uwplatt.edu

Hattie Techlow
Program Associate, University Drive Building
Tel: 920.832.2854
E-mail: techlowh@uwplatt.edu

UW-Platteville Faculty at UW-Rock County

Dr. Ying (Cindy) Gao
Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering
Room E07, 2909 Kellogg Ave, Janesville, WI
Tel: 608.758.6565 x783
E-mail: gaoyi@uwplatt.edu

UW-Platteville Faculty at UW-Washington County

Guy Campbell
Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering
Tel: 262.335.5250 x339
E-mail: campbellg@uwplatt.edu

UW-Platteville Faculty and Staff at UW-Platteville

LeAnn Leahy
Program Manager
312 Engineering Hall
Tel: 608.342.6124
E-mail: leahyl@uwplatt.edu

Kathy Wagner
Admissions Advisor
313 Engineering Hall
Tel: 608.342.6185
E-mail: wagnerkath@uwplatt.edu

David Andersen
Instructional Program Manager
311 Engineering Hall
Tel: 608.342.1170
E-mail: andersenda@uwplatt.edu

Kelvin Pettis
Laboratory Manager, Electrical Engineering
Tel: 608.778.6856
E-mail: pettisk@uwplatt.edu

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Collaborative Engineering: Reminders


If you are considering applying to UW-Platteville for the Spring 2015 semester, please read carefully the "Information about Applying to UW-Platteville" document found in Admission > Application Instructions.

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