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When enrolled in a UW-Platteville course, textbooks are issued to students by the UW-Platteville textbook rental system. The fees to cover the loan of textbooks are included in the student fees portion of the tuition bill. Before the beginning of each semester, textbooks are delivered to the UW Colleges campus designated by the students as their “home” institution, and upon the completion of each semester, the textbooks must be returned to UW-Platteville. Please note: Textbooks cannot be delivered to a student’s home address.

The textbook guidelines are outlined in a downloadable pdf.

Textbooks are available through the UW-Platteville textbook rental system via segregated fees.  It is the students’ responsibility to pick up the textbooks at their designated UW Colleges campus at the beginning of the semester and return them at the end of the semester. Students will be notified via e-mail regarding the pickup dates and the return date.

Please note:  If a class is added during the period of three weeks before the semester begins and the Drop/Add deadline, you will need to contact the Textbook Center directly to request your textbook(s) be sent to your UW Colleges campus via the Interlibrary Loan truck. For additional questions about textbooks, please contact Mary Larson in the UW-Platteville Textbook Center at 608.342.1265 or larson@uwplatt.edu and identify yourself as a collaborative student. 

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Collaborative Engineering: Reminders


Admission Deadlines
• November 1 for the Spring 2015 semester

If the deadline passes and the required items have not been received, the student will need to submit a new application for the following semester.

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