Early Childhood Student Teaching

Pre-Student Teaching

Once you have registered for pre-student teaching, please come into the Clinical Experiences office to complete a schedule form or e-mail the schedule form to so we can begin to look for your placement prior to the beginning of the next semester. Information about contacting your cooperating teacher at your placement and the requirements of pre-student teaching will be given to you via UW-Platteville e-mail.

Admission to Early Childhood Student Teaching

For early childhood student teaching you need to attend the Early Childhood Application Meeting and complete and submit all of the following to the Clinical Experiences office, 125 Doudna by the preceding April 15th for Fall/Winterim/Spring EC Student Teaching or the preceding March 15th for Summer EC Student Teaching:


Prerequisites for Early Childhood Student Teaching are:
1. Have been admitted to School of Education
2. Completed methods classes (Block I)
3. Have G.P.A. of 3.00 in major, minor, and professional education classes
4. Received grades of “C” or better in all required courses
5. Current satisfactory criminal background check

Admission to Student Teaching

Teacher candidates should apply for admission to student teaching in December proceeding the academic year in which the clinical experience will take place. In November or December, a meeting will be held for teacher candidates to request a student teaching placement.  The time and place of this meeting will be well publicized. The Clinical Experiences office makes all student teaching and internship arrangements.  Teacher candidates are not to make their own arrangements.


To be eligible for admission to student teaching a candidate must:

  1. Meet or exceed the minimum required grade point average (GPA) of 2.750 overall and in major(s), teaching minor(s), and professional education courses.  (Note:  3.00 required in professional education, major, and minor for early childhood-middle childhood, B-11 students.)
  2. Have completed appropriate methods course(s) for the major and minor, as well as Teaching 2130 and 3320 or equivalent courses.
  3. Have grades of "C" or better in required methods courses, major, minor and professional education courses.
  4. Have documentation of an approved student teaching/level II portfolio on file.
  5. Have passed the appropriate Praxis II content test(s). No waivers are allowed.  B-11 and 10-14 students will be required to pass the WI Foundations of Reading test.
  6. Have been admitted to the SoE for one full semester prior to student teaching.
  7. Provide proof of a negative TB skin test.
  8. Have a current (within the past 2 years) satisfactory criminal background check verified before placement into student teaching.

It is the responsibility of the student to attend the application meetings, complete all requirements, and adhere to the deadlines. Failure to meet the deadlines may result in us not being able to secure a placement for you in a timely manner or during the semester you wish to student teach. All requirements must be met prior to your start date to avoid cancellation of the placement. 


A student denied admission to student teaching may file an appeal request for a waiver with the chair of the Teacher Education Committee. The student may present the appeal in person or submit it in writing. It is suggested that the candidate provide letters of support from faculty and all documentation that would support their request for a waiver.

Teacher Education Committee

The Teacher Education Committee (TEC) is a group of faculty members responsible for approving or denying candidate appeals and waiver requests for admission to the SOE and admission to student teaching.

The committee consists of nine university faculty members—five from the School of Education; four from other departments—elected at large for two-year terms. Ex officio members are the dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Education, the director of the School of Education, the coordinator of Clinical Experiences, and the registrar.


The TEC reviews appeals for student teaching and notifies candidates by letter of its decision. Students should not consider themselves admitted to the Student Teaching until they receive a letter from the TEC.

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