Aldine, Texas

Looking for a diverse and rewarding student teaching experience?  

Student Demographics:

Ethnicity Percent
Hispanic 69.1%
African American 26.2%
Anglo 2.2%
Asian 1.4%

Early Childhood Experience - Winterim term 

Student Teaching Experience - Fall or Spring terms

Aldine Independent School District


"I have learned many valuable lessons from the two weeks that I spent student teaching at Hinojosa Preschool.  I feel that this experience has made me a more well rounded educator."                     Chloe Christiansen
"This has been a more beneficial experience for me than two weeks of pre-student teaching, and I am SO incredibly thankful I got the opportunity. I have never experienced such a diverse setting as well as being out of my comfort zone of Wisconsin. I feel as if I was able to grow here, learn strategies as well as learn from the students.  I am thankful for the experience, and I am strongly considering returning to Aldine to continue my career in teaching."   Emily Richter
"Being at Hinojosa was a wonderful experience, and I am so pleased that I had the opportunity to be one of the few people who got to do something like this.  It was a unique, meaningful experience that I will never forget."    Jocelyn Wiest

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