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Elementary Education Student Teaching

Clinical Experiences

The student teaching experience is probably the most important phase of a teacher’s beginning professional preparation.  By its very nature, the student teaching experience places a student in a dual role, that of a student and that of a teacher.  As a student of teaching, learning is occurring through teaching experiences and reflection upon those experiences with the university supervisor and cooperating teacher.  As a teacher, the student shares with the cooperating teacher (in progressively increasing amounts) the actual instructional responsibilities for the classroom.  

Have you graduated from the school of education?

Please take our employment survey.  Fill out this form and submit it to Clinical Experiences at clinicalexp@uwplatt.edu.


For edTPA questions, please contact Erin Edgington or Jessica Brogley.



If you are a recent graduate, please keep us posted on your employment progress.  We would love to know what you're doing. Tracking our graduates' progress is helpful in many ways:

  • helps us track trends in education 
  • shows us which fields are in demand
  • lets us know the variation in education related jobs
  • shows us the demographic range of our former students
  • provides statistical data for state and national reports
  • indicates most successful job search methods and requirements
  • inform you of possible job openings
  • we just love to hear from our former students!!!!

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