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The nominations have been reviewed and the Recipients of the 2014 Award for Excellence Are....

MARY ANN HENRY from Auxillary Services - CLASSIFIED STAFF RECIPIENT  (click for recipient comments)

In her nomination, Robin White, College of BILSA says "Mary Ann Henry goes above and beyond the description of a custodian." "she is an outstanding custodian, a friend, and an advisor to many."  "Mary Ann goes way above the call of duty to keep her building spotless and her students happy. Her students adore her," "She kept her showers so clean that it is joked that one could eat off the shower floors." 

Some of her co-workers said "I have learned a lot from MaryAnn just from being around her. She is indeed deserving ofthis award, " "She always went out of her way to make sure everything looked nice and had a feeling of home." "Mary Ann wants her students to feel right at home so she decorated the residence hall with things she could find and even brought in personal items. During the holidays, she would bring in a holiday tree and decorate with the students helping."

NANCY WEIGEL from Bridgeway Commons, Jamba Juice - LTE STAFF RECIPIENT (click for recipient comments)

In her nomination, Mark Redfearn, Food Service Manager Bridway Commons said " I have seen nothing but excellence come from her in every sense of the word," "sales decrease after her shifts are over and have had zero complaints" "she takes pride in what she does, and takes the initiative to ensure that the controllable things are nothing short of perfection."

Some of the staff at Jamba Juice said "students talk about how special they feel when Nancy remembers a special event or follows up about a previous conversation they had,"  "Nancy is a go-getter, she doesn't wait around to make changes at Jamba Juice, she will try different things until she finds the best way that works," "because of Nancy Jamba Juice employees enjoy coming to work each and every day."

pAST Classified and LTE Award for Excellence Winners

2013 Classified Winner: Becky Troy from Department of Media Studies

2013 LTE Winner: Tyler Ensrude from University Information and Communications 

2012 Classified Winner: Diana Blindert from University Information and Communications 

2012 LTE Winner: Bonnie Vaassen from Karmann Library

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