The University of Wisconsin-Platteville, the first institution of higher education in Wisconsin to grant the baccalaureate degree in criminal justice and forensic investigation, has distinguished itself as a leader in providing high quality education for our graduates going into the criminal justice careers. Criminal justice embraces a diverse range of professional opportunities, including law enforcement, prosecution and defense, courts, corrections, and the forensic investigation field.

Some of the career opportunities listed below would require the incorporation of additional undergraduate course work and possibly graduate or doctoral work within the discipline. A students’ advisor can further inform him or her of the courses and degrees needed for a specific career.

Law Enforcement

There are approximately 18,000 different law enforcement agencies in the U.S.

Other Criminal Justice Careers

For most potential criminal justice students, law enforcement appears to be the end-all career choice at the end of a criminal justice degree plan. However, despite all pretenses, law enforcement positions do not have to be the only option available with a criminal justice degree. Career choices are nearly endless because of the vast governmental jobs that are available through the criminal justice system, not to mention the judicial element of criminal justice. Criminal justice careers include a wide array of specialties throughout many federal, state and local government organizations.

Forensic Investigation

Some of these careers may require specific courses and/or graduate or doctorate degrees.

Private Sector

In the private sector, there are a rapidly growing number of opportunities in fields such as: