Green Room

Green Room
Green Room


Age Group: 3-5 Years

In the Green Room, there are many opportunities for the children to grow and learn. Hands-on activities and play are used extensively in the learning process. The room is divided into several unique centers that change throughout the year and each day the children are allowed to choose which center to play in. Typically, the classroom revolves around a theme that is offered to the children for two to three weeks at a time. The activities and projects help the children become more independent by teaching them how to socially interact with each other and adults, and by showing them how to care for themselves physically.

Green Room lessons are developed and taught utilizing the Tools of the Mind philosophy.  The lessons appeal to multiple learning styles, provide real world connections, allow students to explore curriculum in a variety of ways, and accommodate the diverse academic needs of students. Hands-on experiences and lessons are provided to ensure that the children are learning creatively and are developmentally appropriate. In addition, lessons are supported by utilizing technology such as the SMARTBoard and i-pads, arranging various field-trips, and inviting UW-Platteville staff and other community members to discuss and share their life experiences and talents. Last year we incorporated Jolly Phonics into our curriculum. In an effort to support each child’s learning of the material we have coordinated with the Pre-K Teachers at Neal Wilkins, since many of our students attend 4-K on alternate days.

The partnership between parents and teachers in a child’s education is essential.  Because parents want their children to succeed and want to be kept informed about what and how their child is doing in school, frequent communication and collaboration between parents and teachers is a practice we have implemented into the Green Room.

Tina Roth

Lead Teacher
Tina Roth


  • College/University Attended: University of Wisconsin-Platteville; University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Degree/s Earned: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education; Bachelor of Science in Home Economics
  • Minor/s: Early Childhood Education
  • Year/s Graduated: 1990; 2004

Why I Love Teaching

There are countless reasons why I love to teach, and without a doubt, the fact that I love kids is at the top of the list. I enjoy their energy, creativity, spontaneity, and their enthusiasm for learning. My goal is to inspire my students to celebrate who they are and to instill in them the desire to become lifetime learners.

Children's Center: Licensing & Accreditation

  • YoungStar
    UW-Platteville Children's Center holds a five star rating through YoungStar meeting the highest levels of quality standards.


    UW-Platteville Children's Center is nationally accredited through National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA).

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